Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Houston Fun and a Baby Lee update...

Brian is on spring break...YAY! So, we took a family trip to the Houston Aquarium and Houston Zoo. Jada had a blast. We started at the Aquarium where the white tiger literally played with her. It was crazy....the tiger was looking at her and would stand up and jump on the glass just like He was ready to play. It was really sweet. And Brian and Jada touched the sting-ray...well, Jada just watched. :)

And Jada LOVED the carousel! She rode every animal possible. It was so sweet...she couldn't get enough!

Then we headed to Mike's work just 6 blocks away to have lunch. It was so much fun to see where he works and for Jada to have her PaPa's attention in the middle of the day :) I think Mike was pretty proud to show her off and the food was great too!

After that we finished up at the Aquarium and then headed to the zoo. We were convinced that the Waco zoo is far better and more fun...so Toby and Elli will be getting more visits to the Waco zoo soon :)

And for the update...we went in for the first ultrasound and everything looks great! We will go back in two weeks. So, THANK YOU for your prayers and love. We are so grateful to be expecting another little Lee!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Glad Heart...

This week has been wonderful! First, we went to the doc and everything looks great so far. He/She is due November 12th and we go in next Tuesday for our first ultrasound. Pretty exciting. The first few days we knew we were expecting were a little bit of a roller coaster of emotions. The steady thread in my thoughts was gratefullness with lots of deep breaths choosing to trust Jesus in this process. I cannot tell you how much your encouragement and prayers mean to me and to Brian!
We have often said that our children are "community children." Our experiences with each one of our babies have been this: 1-we want a baby 2- we wait, hope, and pray 3- friends and family surround us with prayer 4- we get pregnant!

This order of things has shown us over and over that we NEED the body of Christ for our family to grow. We have experienced this in so many ways, and we actually love that we are dependant on Christ and His body to experience life in our family! So...THANK YOU for all of you that have walked with and prayed for us at different parts of our process towards more children. We fully recognize that Jada is here with us because of your faithfulness in prayer. We fully recognize that Mia was with us and we will get to know her one glorious day because of your prayers. And we fully recognize that this new baby Lee is with us now because of your prayers.

Isn't it wonderful that God hears our prayers!?!

On another note...Jada is using the big-girl potty! Yay!!! Last weekend was the first time (which happened to be while "Grammy" Brian's mom was keeping her) and then throughout the week she has been successful! We are so proud! She is really proud of herself. Yesterday she was galloping (chase'ing for all you dancers out there) and she starting singing and chanting "I'm a big girl" over and over. It was great!

And I thought I would add a pic of her sweet profile from church as she was celebrating a friend's birthday...blogs are always better with a pic :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Great is Thy Faithfulness...

We are expecting!!!!!!

A new baby Lee is now on the way!

Thank you times a zillion for your prayers and please keep them coming :)


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I took rondeck...my mom and the weekend...

So, I am sick...it is one of those really bad sinus and ears and chest congestion things that is just mean. I felt so bad I even took rondeck! What is rondeck? It is the most horrible prescription liquid medicines ever created...but it works. Rondeck was my nemesis as a child. My mom would have to hold me down on the counter and make me take it and then I would always chase it with crackers. When my doctor prescribed it yesterday I got a sick feeling in my stomach and reassured myself that I don't have to get it filled and I certainly don't have to take it! But...worse came to worse and I chased the horrible tasting grape rondeck with some of Jada's animal crackers in hopes to defer my taste buds.

Today my mom took Jada for the day while I sit in bed and hopefully get better. So...I wanted to take this opportunity to say to the world that my mom rocks!!!! Even though she held me down on the counter and gave me rondeck as a child and left me deeply scarred from the experience ;) she is SO GREAT! She gladly helps and loves me so wonderfully. I really don't know what I would do without her. She is such a giver...anyone that has met her can easily see that and experience that for themselves. I am often told by many of my friends how spoiled I am to have the mom that I do...and to that I say "I know...and I am SOOOO thankful!" So, thank you, Mom!

And finally I wanted to add a few pictures from our weekend. Our sweet friends, the Hollands, came in town and spent some time with us. We were so grateful for the time that we shared with them and all of our children played together so peacefully! Jada really loves Faith, Jacob and Baby Carissa...as you can see from the photos...she was giddy with them! And yes, she is wearing a bumble bee headband.