Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kason is 1!

How in the world does time go by so quickly? baby are already 1!

     You are a deep well of joy and life to our family!  You make everything more fun.  You are the apple of all of our eyes...truly, we all look at you with so much love and delight!  We enjoy everything about you.  Your hair is super fun and your eyes sparkle happily.  You are a tiny little guy.  You are weighing in at 18 lbs and you still wear 6-9 month clothes.  You are a super fast crawler, you walk with a walking toy and stand on your own often.
     You LOVE bananas, blueberries and your very favorite things are balls.  You say "ball" all day-every day.  I will walk into the closet (your room) to get you out of bed in the morning and you will take your paci out of your mouth and say "ball!"  So we go look for one.  :)  You are fearless and independent and I often find myself asking "where's Kason" because you are so content to play on your own.  You love to dance and think Judson is really funny.  You don't mind him wrestling with you roughly.  You squeel a lot and giggle at yourself.  When you want to eat or drink what I have, you will say 'yum' and then expect that drink or food in your mouth quickly.  You point at people (that you know and strangers), smile, then slowly drop your pointed finger as you look at them and say something like "ohhhhhhh.'
      If there is mud or dirt, you will find it and play in it and eat it.  And then laugh.  You are all boy!  You have just discovered trucks and cars.  You will crawl around the house pushing it for a long time.
    You really do have my heart and have been steady 'kisses' from heaven to me.  The Lord has such joy and favor resting on you.  I sense it and know it clearly.  As you walk, doors will just open before you and people will enjoy getting to be a part of your story.
     Your daddy wants to cut your curls now that you're one...I am hoping he reconsiders :)
    I love you, son.  I pray that this next year is just as wonderful as your first.  I want to treasure each little moment with you as you grow and trust that Jesus will draw your heart close to him and give you a tender heart towards us and especially towards Him.  You are greatly delighted in, little man.

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