Friday, June 29, 2007

Packing up and heading out...

We are heading out for 10 days to a small tour around Texas to see family, catch up with friends and have a mini-vacation of sorts. It will be a nice break from the ordinary and we are hoping to be re-energized through our time. This is the longest trip away from home Jada will be taking and I know she will be greatly entertained through her time with all three of her cousins! Matt and Robyn Farmer, some friends of ours through our small group, are house and dog sitting for us until we return on the 10th. We'll update you when we return!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some Couch love, Sweet Suzanna, and Movin' & Shaking!!!

In order to fully express our love for our friend's, Ryan and Jenny Couch, you must first know that a year and a half ago we played one of our favorite games "Taboo" with them which Brian and I happily walked away as the victors. We met together last night to revisit the beloved game and for us to defend the Lee family title! O how I wish I could report another victory, but sadly the Couch's came from behind to take the title of Taboo champions. Strangely, looking back over the evening Brian and I realized that the Couch's came with a strategy of distraction! They have a new puppy who is stunningly cute and lots of fun. While the game was going on Isaac, (the new pup), decided to use our living room as his personal potty...though Brian and I are extremely empathetic having two dogs of our own that have more than broken in our house, we couldn't see through the fog that this was all a plan of theirs to distract us from the getting into the zone with Taboo! All of that to say, we expect a rematch soon! :)

On a more serious note...God moved us into a really sweet time of conversation about God's call on our individual lives. We really sensed the presence of the Lord in a unique way among us as we shared together vision, dreams, desires and encouragement. Brian and I agreed that the conversation was very life-giving and affirming of what God is calling each one of us to. We walked away challenged to be faithful in the little during this season of preparation and to genuinely seek God's friendship. It was a wonderful night!

JADA IS CRAWLING!!!!! She has been moving from place to place in all sorts of creative ways, but she is officially crawling now. So much fun!

Also, I wanted to attach a sweet picture of one of my favorite kiddos, Suzanna...some of you know the twins, Blaine and Suzanna. We had a great time taking some pictures of her last week!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Photo Studio is running...

We officially set up studio lighting in our house this weekend and I have had a great time experimenting and practicing on my family! I thought I would share some of the first shots...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Lees are finally Bloggers!!!

Well, after resisting the move into modern technology this long...we decided to jump on board and join the blog party! So, I guess the way to start is to say hello and we are here.
Brian and I are enjoying summer so far. Brian is teaching summer school and after much prayer I am leaving the dance studio. We are both really asking the Lord to lead us into what He wants our near future to look like as a family. We'll keep you updated (I guess by blogging?!)

I thought I would include this classic pic of Jada and her friends...From left to right: Sam Cavin, Jada, Jerusha (Ru) Burdette, Toby and Ellianna Cole