Sunday, September 18, 2011

"uh-oh-da-day-oh"- Kiva

Somewhere along the way, my suspicion is MiMi, the girls picked up the phrase "Uh-Oh- Spaghetti-Oh"  and Kiva has wonderfully translated it into "uh-oh-da-day-o".  I LOVE IT!  She says it many times throughout the day and Jada and I just look at each other and giggle every time!  She is way too fun.

We have been doing a lot of staying at home and playing.  Judson is fabulous and the girls are too.  I am learning how to structure our days to make sure everyone is fed, bathed, played with and really seen.  You know?  I want to really see each of them and what they are needing in each moment.  I am learning how to be more structured in many ways so I can make sure I don't miss any of those "seeing" moments.  It has been great.

And we have been up to a lot of things like weddings, birthdays, starting another year of CC (Jada's school) and Brian has been doing little things like starting a new school and church.  Here are some photos to show the smiling faces in the midst of all of it!
 Jada was a sweet flower girl along with Caroline...they were precious together!
 Caitlin and Eli are hitched!!!  Yay.  Brian officiated the wedding and did an excellent job.  We love the Garzas! :)  And I love this pic of Jada and Brian!  And Aunt Aubrey was such a gift (as always) to us throughout the whole weekend.  Judson loves her a lot already too!
 MiMi with our little man
 Jada started her 3rd year of dance!!  And has started jazz this year too!
 Kiva likes Elmo a of course we needed these matching jammies...look at those sleepy faces!
 sweet men in my life!!!
 play time with new headbands
 and of course, Kiva was calling PaPa on her phone
There ya go...more updates to come!  Bless your week!

Monday, September 5, 2011

a few faces

Some of you have been asking for more pics...and I have some, just haven't blogged :)  So here are some recent happenings around here...all of which have been captured by my phone camera so excuse some of the blurry-ness.  We are all doing great!  Lots of days at home that I am loving.  Just trying to learn our new pace and enjoy these precious people I get to take care of. 

Also, we are about to send out Judson's birth announcements, so if you have been following our blog and I don't have your physical address can you email it to me?!  That would be fabulous!  Enjoy...

 Already a month old!!!

 Judson's toy quickly turned into a tent in the hallway