Sunday, March 18, 2012

here i go again...

I knew this was coming...but, I thought I would let you guys know that most of this week I am phone fasting again!!!  Hear a deep sigh, sense a lightness as my shoulders relax and imagine a simple smile beginning to take shape :)  I love the quietness of this.  I hope you all have an amazing week!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

super girl...from my view...spring break in full swing

This will absolutely be packed full of pics and random thoughts...I can't stand the thought of losing and of these sweet memories, so though they may not be the most exciting phone pics...they are precious to me in many's why!                                   
 I had a few moments yesterday to journal and catch up...I felt like the Lord almost asked me the question..."what makes you happy?"  That was easy...these people in these pics.  They are marks of God's grace in my life.  They are demonstrations of grace, joy, mercy, hope, life, and peace.  Really.  There is an old song I used to sing that goes like this...
"When I think about the Lord, how he saved me, how he raised me, how he filled me with the Holy Ghost, how he healed me to the uttermost, When I think about the Lord, How he picked me up and turned me around, How he placed my feet on solid ground, It makes me wanna shout,“Hallelujah, thank you, Jesus!” Lord, you’re worthy of all the glory, And all the honor, and all the praise." 

I really believe this...He really did do all of these things for me...each and every one.  And He continues to do these things for me as I get to know Jesus more!  And when I look at these people it makes me want to say all of these things again and again...marks of grace.

So, here's some of the fun we've been up to...

With all of the rain, we decided to make a tent one morning.  It was stellar... Packed with tea parties and pretend sleepovers and taking care of their "babies".  Too fun. 
 And then there was a pretend, make that at least 20 weddings in a row.  The scene was perfect, our living room equipped with folded clothes waiting to be put away, a box of wipes and random toys scattered throughout.  Everything was on hold for the wedding event! 
   Jada has been asking for me to get my wedding dress out for a long time now.  So, why not?!  I married Brian over and over again (and I really would!:) ).  Judson was the ring-bearer, Kiva was the flower girl and Jada was (of course) the maid of honor who insisted on straightening my train over and over again.  It was really precious.  Every time I turned the corner of our hallway to walk down the "isle" Jada looked at me like it was really happening and would act like she was catching her breath at my beauty :)  Although it was hard to breathe in my dress after four pregnancies and almost 10 years, it was well worth these precious memories.  We would insist on having dance parties after the ceremony which made it even more fun.  I LOVE these pics.  They are traces of what really matter...

My handsome groom and ringbearer!  
And yes...that is a euro-hawk that you see...sometimes his hair just curls funny!
 Clearly, the flower girl needed a hug in the middle of one of the ceremonies...
One of the dance parties :)
 Onto other princess tales...Piper and Zoe made a playdate appearance last week and they were in pretend-world almost the entire time.  Check out these princesses in their finest dress up moments and possibly the most awkward smiles of the day...

And from princesses to super girl...Kiva is steadily cracking us up.  She especially loves her super-girl jammies.  When she puts the cape on she has this serious look on her face and she takes flight.  Flight in this super-girl attire looks something like this...

And when I can get super girl to be still for a moment, she giggles at herself and then takes flight yet again.  Kiva's run is especially cute these days.  She says almost everything with great enthusiasm and usually says "c'mon dayda (Jada)" about everything.  She is eager to help me do ANYTHING for about 2 minutes then is off enthusiastically to the next thing. Every time Judson wakes up from a nap she stops what she is doing, exclaims after a deep excited breath "Goodmorning Ja-Ja.  Hi broder"  She is the definition of delight.
One of Kiva's favorite things to do is play in the car in the garage.  She and Jada both love doing this.  It is like it's own playground of sorts.  (The car is not on and the windows are rolled down...didn't want anyone to start worrying :)  Always after they play, the next time I get in the car to go somewhere I can expect windshield wipers to be on or some strange setting on the a/c.  
Well worth the fun! 

And then there's this little guy... the little man who is as chill as they come.  I am convinced there isn't a nicer little man in all the world :)  Some of my favorite things about Judson in this season are:
  • He LOVES being a baby.  He isn't motivated to roll, or crawl or anything like that...he is perfectly content being a baby.  He loves being held, sitting in my lap watching his sisters, being carried in the bjorn at the grocery store.  I LOVE that he loves being a baby.  He is giving me more time to soak him in before he gets too big :)
  • He sleeps in our closet.  Yep.  In a crib in our closet...but it is our closet none-the-less.  So, when I pick him up after he is asleep we walk by our bathroom mirror.  He looks at himself every time (with his cheek pressed against mine) and smiles the sweetest smile!  I treasure that every time!  
  • He really likes food of any kind so far.  Any veggie and any fruit basically.  He is just easy.  This week we put some frozen fruit in this little thing that he holds with a strainer on it...I have NO idea what it is called, but either way, he LOVED it and got so crazy messy too!  He also started holding a baby mum-mum and totally went after that.  And of course, the sippy cup has him interested!
  • Judson really loves his sisters.  He smiles and giggles at them all of the time.  They really love him well.  Jada talks to him with such sweetness and in her motherly way, loves tending to his every need.  Kiva gives Judson her Elmo blankie every day at least once.  This is a true sign of love.  No one else in the world gets a share of it...just Judson.  And he gladly receives it every time as it usually goes straight into his mouth. 
From my view...Judson's favorite spot

 He loves the swing!
 absolutely attacking the baby mum-mum!

 And Calem Guerra came over for a visit.  Look at this precious man!!!  He was asleep on my legs just like this...I could eat him up.  He made me realize how big Judson is already!  Kristen is such a good little mama to this guy!...he clearly has stolen her heart :)
 And finally, our Blair.  I could probably post something daily about how Blair has become such a precious part of our family.  She is a delight and a servant.  My girls ask for her often in their own quiet moments.  If Judson could speak, I'm sure he would have his own requests too...I am spoiled by her!  Really...another mark of grace.