Tuesday, June 14, 2011

catching up...

I thought I would start this post off with a bang...I mean seriously...have you ever seen cuter people in all your life??
Well...we are here and we are all doing great! It was a CRAZY May. Seriously. There were so many moments that I thought "this would be fun to blog," but really didn't want to use any of the free time I had to sit at the computer!

Here is a summary of what we have been up to...and then I will share with you some fun photos and moments after!

Summary: May included photographing, editing, processing and delivering over 300 dancer's photos. Photographing and editing a wedding. Brian got a new job! My mom's birthday. Mother's day. Our anniversary. A church change. Judson grew a lot. Jada's dance recital. Some great ministry stuff happened. Friends came in town to stay with us from out of town. Our whole family got the stomach bug and then passed it onto some of our favorite people :( And then we left for Oklahoma and Kansas City. That was all within about 30 days. And in that time...the great thing is the Lord sustained, gave plenty of grace, drew my heart to a very needy place and even gave me some sweet moments of taking in the wonder and beauty of these two precious girls named Jada and Kiva.

Jada's buddies in their recital costumes :)
At the recital :)We had a surprise party/lunch for My mom's 21st birthday (wink-wink) and she really was surprised!!!Kellie and Ash took Jada and Sophie to a "princess party" at a local theater company...too funAub with the girls...and side note...Aub officially graduated with her masters in May! Check that off her list! Yay!
More to come... good stuff that happened in OK & KC!