Tuesday, February 21, 2012

learning about God...and dark chocolate

To start...dark chocolate covered almonds and dark chocolate covered blueberries from those bins in HEB have to be my new best friends.  They are just so good and give me that sweet satisfaction without the guilt.  If you haven't tried them yet, you should :) 

 I have been reading quite a bit and learning to pray in new ways during this season of my life.  One of the things that I have enjoyed praying recently is "Jesus, I want to be curious.  Show me things that make me curious about you."  And within seconds of that, He does...and I am.  It has been exceptionally fun.  This curiosity has led me to learn more about the Lord's character, His personality, how He answers prayer, what moves Him, His laughter, His generosity....I could go on and on.  And what I have found is that God is like an endless ocean of all of these things and I have barely touched the edge of the sand.  I love Him for this.  I have learned to say, "I love you Jesus for..."  instead of saying "thank you for..."  This small change has drawn my heart more into a relationship with Him moment by moment more like a conversation. 
    There have been two books that I have turned to during these past few months.  The first one...Wayne Grudem's systematic theology.  It is so so good.  It is vast but really fun.  If you don't have this, it is an EXCELLENT resource and an inspiration to learn more through the scriptures.  We have had it since college, and have used it regularly for different things, but I have been reading it for fun recently.  It really is fun because it gets my brain going and thinking on things much higher than laundry :) 
    The other is a new book call "Beautiful Outlaw" by John Eldredge.  I had a little alone time one night at Barnes and Noble so I picked it up and couldn't put it down...so I ordered it on Amazon the next day and am now reading it for the second time in two weeks :)  It is encouraging because he talks about the personality of Jesus and how religious we can be without even recognizing it.  Pick it up if you can!
     That's all for now!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let the phone fast continue!

Wednesday and today...well, it was necessary that my phone was on since I was away from my kiddos at some point during those days...BUT the phone fast will resume tomorrow and I am already excited. 

The Lord has really used this phone fast to speak to me about some specific things...things I will elude to later.  I think my ears were opened to His voice without extra clutter.  I am thankful.  Really really thankful. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

branded in my heart

Yep...another sweet day with these three...
So...today was fabulous.  One of the sweetest moment was tonight before bed.  Brian, Jada and Kiva were all playing their guitars and were singing to the Lord.  It was such a fun moment to see all of their faces in honest moments just singing out.  Between songs Kiva would put her pic in her mouth and move to a new spot...it was so funny.  Judson was enjoying the singing a lot...in fact in between songs he would start to fuss until the next song began.  
Jada is truly a little worshipping girl...I loved some of these faces when Jada would get lost in singing.  She loved it.  Honestly...the last two days of my focus without my phone has done wonders to her little spirit.  She has been so much more peaceful and full of joy.  Another deep breath moment.  
And Brian...he is just such a good father!  Jesus has given him His heart in profound ways.  He serves these children by each little moment of laughing, reading, singing, running, playing, filling up cups with water, wiping little noses, and disciplining in strength and love.  I am so thankful for him.  
And I really hope this scene tonight is branded in my heart forever.

 Judson's view of the action

 I love their faces

Phone Fast day two...

I love this phone fast.  I think I started to breathe differently today.  Kind of like when you go to Colorado and the air is just so nice to breathe...Or kinda like Christmas time gives you this fresh sense of being like a child...you know, like that.  I think this may turn into a week long thing.  Not forever...but it has been refreshing.  Pics of cute people later.  Until then...enjoy the people, birds and sunshine around you...

Monday, February 6, 2012

our day...

We had so much fun during the day today...and I didn't use my phone for these pics!  I love some of their expressions.  We had an official jammie day and then we played outside...

 It was about 50 degrees outside and for our little Texas heads...it was cold :) 
 The Phinneys brought this mickey mouse hat for Judson...so cute!
 I just had to compare Kiva and Judson's pics.  They really resemble eachother!  Of course...Kiva was a little heaftier version :)  But they look a lot alike!

The scene in our backyard...Jada loves going into the dog's side yard.  Kiva will stand on the other side and just watch. 

phone fast...part one

Lately, I have been too busy.  And though I get to stay home often and take care of these three little people, I have recognized that my phone is a nag.  My i-phone is a brilliant piece of machinery...and many times it is useful.  But the daily beeps, buzzing, ringing and alerts to make sure I am informed of every text, email and phone call is becoming a little much.  So...my phone fast begins.  This morning at 6:00 I turned my phone off for the day.  I am lighter already.  All morning I was really present with my children during each moment.  It is priceless.  I really don't want Jada, Kiva or Judson to grow up thinking they are less important or just as important as my phone.  Seriously?!  They are far more important for my attention and affections.  All the info that I would be receiving can wait until the night time when I can do a quick catch up.  Until then, I will treasure and value these fleeting moments with little feet running, dancing, and bouncing...with squeals of delight and inquisitive thoughts stirring...and to all of you that I normally text or call daily...I love you dearly.  You know that.  Just taking a break :)  Not sure how long this fast will last, but I figure I will take it day by day.  Peace to all of you and prayers that you can slow down, be still and enjoy the moment too!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's been a while...how about a photo update?!

 Judson is sooo fun and cute...He turned 6 months today!

 The Phinneys brought the girls minnie mouse ears from their trip to Disney...they have had so much fun with them

 He loves his exersaucer!

 Kiva's first real ponytail
Sweet little man
 Oh, our Blair...Kiva loves her Blair time all the time!
 We ran errands one day with princess dresses...I loved it...they thought it was no big deal

 Kristen and Carlos had their sweet little man Calem!  He is awesome!
 And we always love Aunt Ashley!  She really can handle this with no big deal...so fun.

Judson in his first cap...seriously?!  A little man

 And we got to catch up with Meggie!  She is so precious and adds to us in so many sweet ways. 
 Later...we did Jada's hair with a waver...she said she looked like Meggie :)
 One of my favorite things I got for Christmas was a baby bullet...Judson LOVES sweet potatoes and just about anything I have made so far. 
 And Jen took some sweet family photos of us...we are thankful.  Aubrey was behind the scenes making all the laughs and sweet looks.  After the photos they took off running...love her. 

 Did I mention Judson can sit up :)

 This is the one we chose for our wall...this is very much our family these days...laughing...usually at something Kiva has said or done.