Tuesday, February 7, 2012

branded in my heart

Yep...another sweet day with these three...
So...today was fabulous.  One of the sweetest moment was tonight before bed.  Brian, Jada and Kiva were all playing their guitars and were singing to the Lord.  It was such a fun moment to see all of their faces in honest moments just singing out.  Between songs Kiva would put her pic in her mouth and move to a new spot...it was so funny.  Judson was enjoying the singing a lot...in fact in between songs he would start to fuss until the next song began.  
Jada is truly a little worshipping girl...I loved some of these faces when Jada would get lost in singing.  She loved it.  Honestly...the last two days of my focus without my phone has done wonders to her little spirit.  She has been so much more peaceful and full of joy.  Another deep breath moment.  
And Brian...he is just such a good father!  Jesus has given him His heart in profound ways.  He serves these children by each little moment of laughing, reading, singing, running, playing, filling up cups with water, wiping little noses, and disciplining in strength and love.  I am so thankful for him.  
And I really hope this scene tonight is branded in my heart forever.

 Judson's view of the action

 I love their faces

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  1. Precious moments with precious people. Love my babies...