Sunday, September 7, 2014

Judson is 3!

    You are a delightful and kind young man.  You have totally won my heart with your scrunched nose smile and sideways glance.  You giggle and squeal more than you do anything else.  When daddy and I talk about you we talk about what a fun personality you have.  You are a great mix of super sweet and super fun.
   As you have turned 3, you still like sleeping in your crib and your sleep with your quilt that MiMi made you and 2 other blankets, your ball pillow, zebra, donkey and your 'wawa' koala.  When you wake up in the mornings (around 7) you yell "Mama...Daddy..." in a sing-song kind of way.  You usually complain about how bright it is the moment we step out of your room and lay your head on my shoulder as we walk downstairs.  You then say "eat eat and oovie" we get you a bowl of cereal and set up 'Paw Patrol' or 'Peter Rabbit' as you adjust to the day.  About 15 minutes later you exclaim with a very excited voice "PLAY!" and try to urge your sisters upstairs to the play room.  Usually they go, but when they don't you say 'awww' and then go back to the movie.  You are learning to sit still during family worship times and you LOVE to sing.  You sing during worship, throughout the day, and when you lay down for 'a rest' and at night.  You also love to pray.  You initiate prayer at almost every meal and you are happy to repeat prayers after one of us (and you always give a strong 'AMEN' at the end :).
    Right now, you love to hide.  Usually that means you will get in a ball on the couch or the chair in your room and cover your eyes.  I pretend I don't see you and say "where did Judson go?" and then you giggle until I 'find' you.  You also love to dance, spin and fall down.  You can hit a ball with a bat when we throw it to you and you are excellent at shooting hoops.  You can play catch with daddy for a long time without getting bored. You love to cut with scissors, although you have recently enjoyed cutting the covers of the color books (Jada and Kiva really don't like it when you do it)...but it is definitely more fun to you.  You would play chase all day if we would let you and you use our downstairs as a circular track to run through.  Koko and Kiva are your favorite people to play chase with.  When you laugh it's contagious and you pat your leg, like your calling a dog to come, when you want someone to come play with you.  You also love swatting flies :) and you are already the one the girls will find to pick up dead bugs.  You take care of them in that way.
   When I tell you that I love you, you say 'no daddy,' then the conversation usually goes something like this :
Mommy: "mommy AND daddy love you"
Judson: "and MiMi and PaPa and KoKo and Aunt Ashley and Grammy and Aunt Aubrey and Un Will and baby Lily..."
    There are different variations of people on the list, but those names are the most common.  You know you're loved for sure.  You got tubes in your ears last year and since then you've been talking more, but you are still not talking as clearly as you could be.  We are working on it.  Right now you have fun names for things like water is 'ya-ya' and you will randomly say 'E-I-E-I-O."  Whenever you fall or there is a loud noise you often proclaim without anyone asking "I'm OK!" and when other people are eating something you don't prefer (like salmon or asparagus) you say "ooh gross."  It's funny.  When you burp you quickly say 'scooz me' and then laugh.  We like to say that you are all boy.
    This past year you became a big brother.  It was a very easy transition for you.  You love to help and you laugh at all of the funny things that Kason does.  You are secure in your role in our family and help with Kason's paci, diapers, or burp cloths.  You are also a big helper in the kitchen...we cannot make granola, salad, juice or sandwiches without you running to the kitchen saying "I help, up up." Once we lift you onto the counter, you are immediately stirring or juicing or pouring in ingredients.  I love this about you!
    Judson, some things that stand out to me about you is that you are truly one of the sweetest young men that I have ever met.  You are tender, compassionate, quick to obey, snuggly, and caring.   Last night as I was rocking you before bed-time I was able to tell you some of the things that I love about listened intently and then at the end you said 'oh mommy' and gave me a sweet hug.  I really believe you are set apart as a worshipper.  The way you sing and play your cajon is unique and I am so excited to help you walk into that more.  Judson, you are an absolute joy and treasure to me. I bless you, my son, to continue to have a heart like David.  Set apart and deeply in love with the Lord.  I bless you to step into your God given design to lead and protect your sisters.  I bless you to understand in a pure way God's great love for you.  I bless you to be brave and courageous and willing to stand up for what is right.  I bless you to continue to extravagantly love and be loved without anything hindering you.  I love you, I am proud of you and I am honored to be your mommy and always will be.