Wednesday, April 20, 2011

nyc and thankful

A quick photo update...I have so much I want to write...but I am soooo tired but so grateful. A quick recap: we were in NYC for almost a week and then we came home to an amazingly clean home but with NO A/C! So, this is the first night back in our house. NYC was really are some photos of what we did! Many of these are from my phone so they are blurry...but totally documented some fun events! (I didn't bring my camera on most of our excursions:)
jada's flight...she loved it!
we rode with the phinney family from the airport to our hotels...Jada LOVES them!
seriously...look at jada's face...loves the phinney fam!
we saw Mary Poppins the very first night we were was AMAZING!!
mary her
our first full day...was BRIAN's Birthday! We spent most of the day in Central park and we started with a horse and carriage ride. It was dreamythen we headed over to the zoo...our favorites were the polar bears! They were really funny...we compared the two of them to Baxter and Tali (our dogs)...they had their personalities for real! This one was swimming and having a blast...while the other one just watched him.and then there was the petting/feeding area that was like a dream world for Jada...she LOVES animals. Really. can you tell it was super cold...Jada sported her lion hat most of the tripand yep...there was a COW in the Central Park zoo...hilarious. especially since the locals were acting like it was as cool as the polar bears...we definitely felt very Texan in that moment.fao schwarz big piano!build a bear...jada created "fancy puppy"...and she chose the outfit b/c she has matching red sparkly shoes :)this is one of those blurry pics that I totally love...we had so much fun togetherjada pushing the pedal to fill her fancy puppythis big dude was also doing his own build a bear...funny...a sight you only see in NYCJada thought the subway was so fun...
we took a ferry around the statue of liberty with the Phinney fam. (the statue is very small in the background) was SO cold so Brian took Jada outside while wimpy mommy and some of the Phinney fam stayed one of the stores...just having some reading was such a special/sweet time with just Jada...she loved the attention!the dancers...the reason we were in nyc...they did great at project dance...even through cold/wind and rain!
Brian went to the Yankees game the last night we were there...Jada and I stayed back in our warm hotel and had some sweet mommy/Jada time.
Next blog post I will update you on some really sweet moments on our trip that I didn't get photos of...and the fun that Kiva had back in BCS. Until then...