Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a.....

Well...today at 4:30 we found out that we are having a....

WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! Please pass on any recommendations on "raising sons" books!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simplicity, Fun and Free Fridays, Valentines and Blackberries

A group of people that we live life with is fasting from different things. Some people are fasting from food, some are doing the "Daniel" fast (fruits & veggies), some are not using facebook, some are not using the internet...I am not using the internet daily from 7 am-9 pm. It started Monday and I have LOVED it! Last fall I really felt like the Lord was encouraging me with the word "Simplicity." I did a dictionary look up for it (Websters 1828 version is the best...just in case you were wondering!...it has the most biblical references and it is just plain GOOD) Here it is

n. [L. simplicitas.]

1. Singleness; the state of being unmixed or uncompounded; as the simplicity of metals or of earths.

2. The state of being not complex, or of consisting of few parts; as the simplicity of a machine.

3. Artlessness of mind; freedom from a propensity to cunning or stratagem; freedom from duplicity; sincerity. Marquis Dorset, a man for his harmless simplicity neither misliked nor much regarded.

4. Plainness; freedom from artificial ornament; as the simplicity of a dress, of style, of language, &c. Simplicity in writing is the first or excellences.

5. Plainness; freedom from subtilty or abstruseness; as the simplicity of scriptural doctrines or truth.

6. Godly simplicity, in Scriptures, is a fair open profession and practice of evangelical truth, with a single view to obedience and to the glory of God.

Aren't those great definitions! Anyway, in light of this season (January/February) being one of the busiest seasons for me, I think the Lord is helping me to learn this and is using the fast to help. I didn't realize how much I tried to "multi-task" while the girls would be playing peacefully or while they were resting. Not having the computer in my lap or even looking at email on my phone has helped me to pray throughout the day so much easier...has helped me to enjoy the girls more without feeling torn...has helped me to read more and it has given me deeper understanding of the definition of simplicity. I am enjoying it! And this fast will go on for 21 days...but I like it so much that it just might become a new norm for me. I encourage you to try it!

Fun & Free Fridays!- a friend of mine that I met in college, Sally, is beautiful and truly has style like very few people I have ever known. One of my favorite stories from Sally is when she was a little girl. Her mom let her dress herself one day a week. Through that, Sally quickly learned from her peers at school that some things were not "cool" and some things were. So...she was given creative power and freedom to experiment. I LOVE THAT! So, we are starting now with Fun and Free Fridays! No matter what we do or where we go, Jada gets to dress herself. Last week was the first go at it...pretty funny. She had a blast. She picked out pj pants, a t-shirt with butterflies, a large print floral jacket, a necklace, and a parrot hat (of course). We stayed home most of the day and went to Hobby Lobby for a quick errand...she sported her look well, but I didn't get a photo of it! Lame, I know...but I will capture this week's look for sure!

Valentines was fabulous for all of the girls around our house. Brian and I celebrated last week and it was wonderful. I love him more and more all the time...seriously. But on Valentines day our focus not only turned to our Jada and Kiva girls...but to 7 beautiful single ladies that bless us every single week! These 7 gals love Jesus beautifully, care for other people more than themselves, and have a history of loving children, their roomies, their families, the poor, the hurting, the forgotten, the church...shall I go on? So, Aubrey and Brittney came to help and it was totally an honor to serve them dinner, to give them an opportunity to worship in stillness, to give them notes from lots of people that love them dearly, and we ended with praying for girls that are in bondage to sex trafficking all over the world. It was a precious and powerful night for me...I love them. AND on other news, I am addicted to blackberries. While I post this I started and am almost done with a whole carton. :) Kiva likes them a lot too.

And what's a blog post without some photos of our cute little ones. Here is a simplicity photo of them playing outside. Jada fixed her own hair (obviously) and I think she looks like a jazzersize advocate for sure!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Texas Snow Princess

That is right...we built a snow princess. It was huge (for Texas)...almost 12 inches tall! Brian's work was canceled and we ate a big breakfast with eggs, bacon and pancakes. After that we had to round up all of our clothes that would keep us warm...quickly realizing that we totally don't have a coat for Kiva, so she wore a 2t that made her arms kind of stick out. I seriously couldn't look at her without laughing with tears. She was so cute. Jada made snow angels in the street b/c there was more snow there than anywhere else :) And then came the massive snow princess...gaze upon it's beauty...

Happy Snow Girls
Our Snow Dogs
Kiva's Funny Get-Up
Jada making a Snow Angel

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I love these days...

The girls and I have had two full jammy days this week and I am actually hoping for more! I love these days. Now that I am in the second trimester I am enjoying energy throughout the day! We have organized and played and played some more after that. I love these days. Today is a MiMi day, the girls left in their pj's and I am still in mine about to work on all sorts of things. I am grateful.

And for a few quick pics...Jada and I went to Houston to take sweet Blair to the airport. On our way back we had a little date and went to Build a Bear for the first time ever. Jada was in dreamworld getting to create who she lovingly calls "Lady-Belle"...as you can see why! Thanks Rhonda for the gift-card and the fun excuse to get away with Jada!And Grammy came for a visit and we exchanged pics...this is from last October but I just LOVED it! Kiva has changed so much and so fast...but I seriously get so much joy from these faces!

And to follow up...Last week was great. The ladies' night in New Braunfels was really sweet. Thanks for your prayers. There were lots of tender hearts and I think I was able to communicate almost everything I had planned. It was a nice night.

And heads up...we (hopefully) find out February 22nd if this is a baby boy or baby girl!!! We are really 50-50 on it. Any predictions?