Friday, February 4, 2011

Texas Snow Princess

That is right...we built a snow princess. It was huge (for Texas)...almost 12 inches tall! Brian's work was canceled and we ate a big breakfast with eggs, bacon and pancakes. After that we had to round up all of our clothes that would keep us warm...quickly realizing that we totally don't have a coat for Kiva, so she wore a 2t that made her arms kind of stick out. I seriously couldn't look at her without laughing with tears. She was so cute. Jada made snow angels in the street b/c there was more snow there than anywhere else :) And then came the massive snow princess...gaze upon it's beauty...

Happy Snow Girls
Our Snow Dogs
Kiva's Funny Get-Up
Jada making a Snow Angel


  1. what a wonderful day! and I'm cracking up because that's the same coat that Lucy has - in the same size, and it only fits her ~slightly~ better. at the beginning of the winter, it was exactly like that! oh, to have our families together!!!
    i love you all!

  2. So precious!! I should have come out for the snow princess action. Absolutely love Kiva's outfit--too funny!!! Love you guys.