Saturday, December 10, 2011

photo update yet again

 SOOO much sister love :)

And check out this little man
 Jada did a great job at Christmas in the Creek...she danced with a red nose to "Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer" :)  
 Judson decked out in winter gear at Jada's performance

Kiva had a blast at the big show too :)

 And a few pics of our cute boy getting bigger and bigger...

 And Michelle stopped by...Judson had been asking about her :)
 And check these two cuties out...Olivia Blessing...we might be showing this photo at your wedding :)

to make you smile...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

So long Sarah B, pierced, La-La and "Carcules"

Lots of updates that I will simply do through pics... here goes!

Here are some of my all time favorite people...this pic is from Intimacy this year.  Left to right, Ashley, Shauna, Blair, Kellie, Me :) and Aubrey
 Jada got her ears pierced!  We told her that when she turns 5 she could get them done.  She waited a little while and then finally one day she decided it was the day.  MiMi and PaPa took her and she was so brave :) 

 And I just wanted to point out how little and cute Judson is!  Does anyone recall how chunky our girls were???  And look at this little man...skinny and long :)  He is too much fun!
 And he is loving his new toy...I was out of the "sophie" loop with the girls but I am already a fan of this little giraffe and so is Judson!
 We celebrated our friend Kristen at her baby shower...they are expecting a little man in January!  She will be an incredible mom...we just wish they lived closer!
 And I just think this is a funny pic...
 Oh, Aunt Aubrey...Judson loves her already...Seriously
 So he is really cute and really likes that he found his hands to play with
 AND SARAH BROWN IS she is the beautiful SARAH STEWART!!!  Oh my goodness, it was a really amazing wedding with so many people that Sarah has loved so well over the years.  Congrats to Andy for scoring Sarah...she really is a treasure.  And Jada was a flower girl (yet again) and did a wonderful job.  She announced to Brian and I that she is now best friends with Sarah's niece, the other flower girl named "Bailey."  So cute
And I just love Christmas time.  Jada has been absolutely entertaining herself with many of our nativity scenes...the one that she especially likes is the Little People set.  And she has named one of the wise-men "Carcules" (sounds like Hurcules) and for some reason likes to play with that one the most.  The other day she was pretending Judson was baby Jesus and she was a wise-woman bringing him gifts.  Too sweet.  
And Kiva has finally given Jada a is La-La.  I LOVE this name for Jada.  It just fits her. Thanks, Kiv, for that fabulous nick-name!