Saturday, December 10, 2011

photo update yet again

 SOOO much sister love :)

And check out this little man
 Jada did a great job at Christmas in the Creek...she danced with a red nose to "Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer" :)  
 Judson decked out in winter gear at Jada's performance

Kiva had a blast at the big show too :)

 And a few pics of our cute boy getting bigger and bigger...

 And Michelle stopped by...Judson had been asking about her :)
 And check these two cuties out...Olivia Blessing...we might be showing this photo at your wedding :)


  1. I wish I had seen you! Elizabeth danced at Christmas at the Creek too! She's in her first year of Secondary, and is doing so great! Isn't it fun to be a dance mom? :-)

    And Judson is such a little man! Super adorable.

  2. We are so proud of our sweet Treasures!