Friday, December 21, 2007

what a month!!

So the month of December has been a wonderful and tiring month! Lots of photo shoots, basketball season beginning for Brian and our Jada bug on the go! Through the craziness, we have been blessed with a new family in out lives, the Stanleys. Emily (the Stanley's youngest daughter) is one of Jada's all time favorite people...I thought I would post a pic of them and of course please notice their sweet matching outfits :) Their family has really encouraged us and brought about sweet "community" in our lives.

Also, The Smithers were able to come visit us! We have missed them so much and we were SO happy to spend sweet time together. They always show us more of Christ and when they leave we have so much to "chew on". We really feel loved by them! Cherish (the Smither's youngest daughter) is precious and she quickly won many smiles and excited squeels from our Jada! We gave Cherish a dance costume and she and Jada played and danced...well, Cherish danced while Jada watched and played the music :).

While the Smither's were in town, we were able to connect the Stanley's and the Smithers which was a lot of fun for Evan and Cherish too...they got to play paintball and climb on hay along with lots of other fun things out at the Stanley's property. I thought I would include some cute pics of them :)

We are off to MiMi & Papa's house and then we'll return Christmas eve to celebrate Christmas here...then off to Grammy & Grumpy's after Christmas. It should be a fun week of Jada being spoiled, catching up with family and some much needed rest!

Merry Christmas! -

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  1. Is Jada wearing our new show outfit up there... I thought we decided gold sparkles!