Monday, April 7, 2008

So...30, new camera, and Jada is pretty cool...

So this past week I officially entered my 30's! I was overwhelmed with love and really thankful for the ways God has totally given me more than I could ever imagine. Brian threw a surprise party for me which was a total surprise and then I was able to go on a "personal retreat" with one of my friends, Sarah Brown. It was refreshing in the Lord and in rest! So, 30 is not so bad :) Last week I got a new camera as well! For any of you photo friends, it is a Nikon d300 so there is quite a lot for me to learn! I finally took it out of the box and got to play a little today and oh how fun!!! Jada was the subject of my experiments and she did wonderfully! She is sporting her new look with a low pony-tail which I think makes her look so much older! This month is kinda crazy for all of us around here...Brian's birthday is next week so it is a fun birthday month! you guys and enjoy the pics...and by the way, my arms are not that strangely long :) but I thought it was kinda fun!


  1. Happy birthday, Steph! I think that picture of your long arms is cool.

  2. I miss you so much Steph! How fun, a surprise party!!! Wish I could have been there. :( Jada is so darn precious. I just want to talk to her and know her. You guys need to come visit us! Ya know we have been here over two years now and no visit from the Lee's..............

  3. You got a D300?? I wanna turn 30!!! ;)

    Happy Birthday and really congratulations, it sounds like you had a really great time. :)