Sunday, May 18, 2008

our fun weekend!

Brian and I celebrated our 6th anniversary, the Hollands visited and Jada loves her princess towel...How is that for a summary?

For our anniversary, My mom and Mike surprised us with a beautiful new grill! I had actually planned to get Brian a grill but Mike decided to bless us with the grill that he would choose for himself..which happens to be a much nicer grill than the one we would be able to buy! So...THANKS again and check out how much meat this grills at once!

Our friends, the Hollands stayed with us this weekend and Jada LOVES Faith, Jacob, and Carissa! I think Jacob wins the best entertainer award for the weekend...almost everything Jacob did would make Jada giggle, laugh and then belly-laugh! They had so much fun.

And the final pic is a precious pic with a fun story...our wonderful friends, the Phinney's, really love Jada in fun ways. Their youngest daughter Becca decided that Jada would really like her princess she was so generous and gave Jada her princess towel! This weekend we put the towel to use and we think the gift is a hit! Jada loved it...seriously, she just wanted to keep it on (unlike her normal towels). So, THANKS Becca! We love you.


  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary sweet friends. And wow what a grill Brian!

  2. what a bathing beauty! ok, i'm gonna need you to coach me on this girl stuff. titus cares little about a towel but would rather run naked and dripping wet to his room shrieking. we miss you guys like CRAZY! love love love, the 4 breeds