Monday, April 13, 2009


lots of really good stuff over the past couple of goes!

  • We went to the doc and baby Lee has a strong heartbeat and looks great! Praise God...we go back May 4th!

  • Jada's sleep has gotten SO MUCH better. We have changed nap time to "rest-time" (thanks Amanda :)) and she can rest with her door open if she doesn't fuss or get out of her bed.

  • It has been a really good thing for me and Jada to have a break of sorts from the cell phone...she has been much more peaceful and less needy.

  • We had a surprise 30th birthday party for Brian that was such a blessings, truly, he was really encouraged and thankful. It was fun for me too. When we walked into our house with lots of friends and little people running around, I think Jada thought it was her party! She had a blast!

  • Brian's family visited and we celebrated Easter at my mom and Mike's new house! It was great...Jada loves her cousin Madyson!

  • We took Jada to the Circus...she had a good time. She said her favorite thing was the music and the popcorn, but later said the elephant that wore the dress was her favorite. It was a fun family experience, but I have to say that I was pretty sad for those animals. So made me want to be some sort of animal rights activist...but then I remembered that I am pretty tired and busy. :) so I said a quick prayer about the Lord coming soon so that we can dwell with animals like it was in the garden! That is going to be great!

  • The Coles came through this weekend and Jada just loves Toby and Elli...

  • I leave Wednesday for NY! The dance studio that I worked at for many years is going to dance at Project Dance. I have been twice before and the Lord really moved in some really sweet ways. Suzanne- my friend, the owner of the studio, bought my ticket to go and I literally get to go to support and pray!!! Please pray for the trip and for the power of the Lord to move in the many nations that are represented walking through Time Square! And pray for Brian and my mom as they get to be with Jada all week :)

  • I think that is all for now...Love you all!


  1. I'm so happy that "rest time" is working for you too!

  2. isn't NY closer to us than TX? what does suzanne think about scheduling you a two day layover at Raleigh/Durham airport? i could arrange for you to be picked up:)