Thursday, January 14, 2010

prayer, dance and a very cute baby

This week we have all been struck by the suffering of the Haitian people...and we have been sobered once again that life is truly a precious gift. In light of that, I want to start by saying LET'S really PRAY for them...the children and mommies, the pregnant women, the men who are broken, the women who have been widowed...Jesus, be very present in their time of need!

This weekend we will officially kick off "Talitha" dance company which means that all 15 of us will be dancing from Friday at 5:00 until Sunday at 4:00 (with only a few breaks to eat and sleep in-between!) I want to ask for your prayers for this as well...for us to really connect on a deep level with one another, for the dances to come together beautifully, for joy and freedom as we dance, and for Jesus to really enjoy our worship this weekend! Also, on a more personal note: I am 11 weeks post prego please pray for my physical strength and stamina to dance this much! I am the "leader" of this group of dancers, so please pray that I lead well too. I want to love them like my own daughters and I really do consider this opportunity as a gift to me....I really want to bring these "daughters" to Jesus this weekend.

In light of this, I think my family has been a bit attacked with sickness and mental/emotional fatigue. Specifically, please pray for Kiva's little tummy. She is having a hard time going poo...and we just need her to be relieved! Yep, potty talk, but real life! Thanks for that!

And to finish is a really cute baby Kiva on the way to the park yesterday. Seriously! Her cheeks rest on her chest they are so squeezable!


  1. We are praying with you for the broken and grieving Haitian people. We have certainly thought of Brian and the others that were just there for mission...knowing their hearts are especially touched by the tragedy. He is with them all.

    Kat told me of Kiva's tummy troubles and your upcoming weekend. You both have all ready been on my heart and in my prayers. I will continue to pray over you both and over this precious weekend. He is with you all.

    Love you dearly!

  2. Oh, and guess what new pic we have as our screen saver?...a precious 2 1/2 month old Kiva!

  3. Kiva is ADORABLE!! I'm sorry about her tummy! Both my girls have the same issue - no fun! We keep lots of prunes in stock around here :o)

  4. Kiva is beautiful.

    i've been meaning to email you about dance. i'm considering switching kaylyn dance schools. i'm willing to drive to college station because we homeschool. i really think she truly loves dance. any recommendations?? I would LOVE for it to be Christian-based.

  5. praying for Haiti
    praying for your weekend and your family!