Thursday, May 20, 2010

some words

I am grateful for my eyes. There have been so many moments over these past few weeks where I feel like God has given me eyes to see my girls in moments that I hope never leave my brain. For example...Brian, Jada, Kiva and I went to one of our new favorite frozen yogurt places "spoons" a few days ago. We were all sitting at a table and Jada decided that instead of eating frozen yogurt, she just wanted to eat a bowl of toppings, specifically Captain Crunch cereal (of course). She was just so so happy about that cereal...meanwhile, Kiva tried her first taste of Spoons goodness! Kiva's eyes lit up after just one bite and I couldn't keep the yogurt coming fast enough. She has really sweet eyes as it is, but her eyes at spoons were so full of delight it was too too fun! I want to remember that scene when they are all grown up...captain crunch and yogurt eyes :)

While those sentiments are true and good...this blog is really directed at someone else. That's right...Brian/Coach/B-Lee! Our 8 year anniversary was Tuesday. We have been extra busy, so we decided we would celebrate it a little later this month...but on Tuesday I was weepy. This man that I married is such a gift to me. Some scenes that my eyes have caught recently have melted my heart for him...I am grateful. Here's why: Brian is a man among know what I mean? He is so full of humility and integrity it really does amaze me. He is gentle with everyone, yet commands respect with his character. So many people safely trust him, random people open up to him and tell their life stories...and He listens, encourages and responds in gentleness and love. He gives himself away. He serves me and the girls in ways that I didn't even know a man is capable of. He plays hard. He chooses the low place over and over. He honors all people and is honest with his intentions. He looks for ways to bless. He apologizes quickly without excuse. He laughs well. He is strong. He is patient. He keeps no record of wrongs. He is a really incredible leader. Some roles that he has lived recently: husband, father, mentor, crisis-counselor, photographer, photographer's assistant, he beautifully performed the ceremony for our great friends Aubrey and Will, He competed with a bunch of 20 year olds and did great, and He has been amazing at being not only my best friend, but my rock to lean on in my tired/worn out state. He is the best gift God could have ever given me in a every way I am honored to be Brian's wife!

I am grateful for my eyes that 8 years ago looked into the eyes of this man and said "I do"...what a gift!


  1. You two are beautiful...Happy Anniversary!

  2. So thankful for Brian and who he's been in my life. Brian's so gracious, even when a girl beats him at laser tag :) Happy anniversary!! Love you guys

  3. such true words about brian! i can't believe it's been 8 years!

  4. i think he's absolutely perfect for you too! we love God's work of grace in his heart!!!