Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Gifts...

I have been struck with what GOOD GIFTS Brian, Jada and Kiva are to me. No really. There are have been so many moments where I literally think "I hope I never forget this." Tonight was one of them...
Before rest time today, I told Jada that if she sleeps we could lay on our driveway and look at the stars late tonight. She slept... I was excited for the night and so was she.

So, we had some of our amazing friends over for dinner and when they left Jada immediately wanted to get our blankets, suckers (dum-dums) and head out the door. Brian, Jada and I proceeded to lay on the driveway and look at the stars. The scene was more precious to my heart than I can express. The three of us were laying on a small blanket finding shapes in the clouds, looking at how bright the moon was, searching for stars behind the clouds, telling animal stories and all the while enjoying our dum-dums. There was sweet silence joined with a sweet 4 year old voice filled with excitement and wonder...and it was wonderful. It was simple and magnificent. I didn't want the night to end.

And unless Jesus comes back soon, I am struck with the reality of generations that will come after me that will gaze at the very same stars...Jada's grandchildren...So Lord, help me never to be too busy to be still and gaze into the night sky with the precious ones that I love and may the following generations know you more deeply and honor you more gladly as they lay under the night sky.

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