Friday, November 11, 2011

Party time and a quick catch up

My hope is to simply catch up through here is some fun photos from Kiva's party...she likes Elmo a lot...not because she watches Elmo a ton (we are definitely watching Elmo Potty right now though :)), but because his picture is on her diapers and for some reason his personality is contagious through toys and what not...anyway...we had a fun time with it.  

So I need to start off by saying that Kiva's party was pulled off by her beloved Aunts that are my sweet friends here.  Aubrey, Ashley and Blair totally created the most fun and funny Elmo cake pops along with cleaning the house and organizing gift bags and helping with all of the little details along the way.  I love these girls so much...and Kiva, you are so loved by them!

MiMi made these cute matching Elmo outfits for Jada and Kiva to celebrate in

 Quick family shot...Judson was sleeping :)
 And of course, our sweet friend Blair dressed up as Big Bird to complete the party...which was really funny because as she walked out Kiva said with a simple expression.."Blair."  and continued to eat :)  So funny.  I think this just fills you all in on how fun Blair is all of the time!

 Precious people
 On Kiva's actual birthday Aunt Sarah/Apple brought Kiva some fun princess attire that she immediately loved too
 And of course, Ashley found a bigger than life Elmo Balloon for Kiv
Jada went to the Woodlands with MiMi and PaPa and of course had a blast...I think she is looking so old!!!

Jada with one of her sweet friends Piper
 And are you serious...look at how stinking cute this little man is!  I like him so much

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