Saturday, June 2, 2012

Perfect Love...

I will start with some photos from the recent past...I just finished taking photos of lots of dancers at 3 different dance studios!  It was exhausting to say the least, but I get to have a lot of sweet moments with hundreds of little girls in hopes to touch each one of them with God's love and kindness.  They are so precious.  But I am really glad it is done for the year :)  Before we took the photos, I needed to practice with the white I have three in house models!  Here goes.

On another note...there are so many things swimming around in my mind that the Lord has been faithfully showing me.  He always puts His finger on specific themes that He is faithful to repeat.  Some themes that have been stirring in my heart lately are "Expectation" "Love" "Character" and "Giving yourself away".  I could take apart each one of these in detail, but for lack of time tonight I just thought I would add a quote and a link for any of you to read.  The link is to an out of print small book that my friend, Lucretia, just told me about.  I have been devouring it and already know that it will be one that I reread again and again once I am finished.  I hope you are encouraged...

"May the everlasting love that came from heaven to die and suffer and wrestle for our souls; may the everlasting love that can wrestle through the feebleness of human words to win souls entirely to Himself, come amongst us and take possession and make us wholly God’s!"

"Let us remember that. If we have been trying to learn the lesson, I think God will teach us more and more that love means giving; and giving all. We sometimes give a little, but not all. To give all—that is love! What did the Father do to the Son? He made Him heir of all things. The Father let Christ share in everything. God gave Him a seat in His Throne; He gave Him a place in the worship of the angels; by Him He created the world; He gave Him all His glory and all His love. "

Love Made Perfect by Andrew Murray


  1. Look at all that cuteness!!! So fun to hear from you over on my blog. Happy Summer!

  2. Dear friend,
    Oh how I love seeing the babies on the screen, but am so anxious to see them & their parents in person! It has been too long....we are finished with graduation & Haiti and are home and on the mend. Though we have been so busy and apart, you & your precious family are CONSTANTLY on my heart. Will touch base to get together soon. I love you!