Saturday, July 14, 2012

because I can't stand to forget this...

Kiva is so much crazy fun.  I wish I could pause her at this stage and enjoy her even longer.  I can't stand the thought of forgetting some of the things she is saying and for my sake, I simply must write them down:
  • Kiva says "that's my favorite" to just about anything.  "Kiva, do you want waffles or toast this morning?"  and her response "waffles, that's my favorite."  "What kind of panties to do you want to wear today?" and her response "dora (or princess or hello kitty), that's my favorite."  What color do you want to paint your nails? and her response for one hand "red, that's my favorite." on the other hand "blue, that's my favorite"
  • She says "Me do it, mommy" or "Me do it, Jada."  Or "no me want to go night- night"
  • She gets so excited telling stories that she can hardly get a word out.  She holds her breath and says "um, um, um..." and then begins.  At the end she usually raises her shoulders, smiles and exhales a big breath :)
  • When she wants me to pick her up she says "Up-ie Mommy"
  • when she thinks something is funny she literally claps, throws her head back and slaps her knee.  
  • She is super affectionate.  If any of us leave, she runs (and she is a super fast runner by the way,) says "hug kiss" and squeezes and kisses.  She often will kiss my hand multiple times when I am putting her to bed.  I love it.

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