Friday, August 3, 2012

the sweetest little man I've ever known

As I write year ago in this moment, I wasn't even in labor yet with you...and when we wake up in the morning, you will officially be ONE! 

Judson, you have stolen my heart.  Your smile is sincere and your eyes tell your story of contentment and joy.  You are a snuggle-bug and you absolutely love being a baby...being held, kissed, and carried along.  Your favorite place is somehow touching me (whether in my lap, next to me, in the bjorn, or on my hip.)  Your laugh is loud and you squeel with delight in anticipation of kisses and tickles. 

I love your curls and I love the way you hug me back.  I love your eyes when you first wake up and I love the way you hunch over as if you were saying, "hold me!'   I love that when I sing, you dance (while sitting of course)...You just can't help yourself. 

Already, I have learned more about the Father heart of God because of your life.  I have experienced restoration in new ways, I have held my hands open afresh, and I have been reminded to bow low, to be still and to worship...all through this year of your life on earth.  The sweetest place for me is holding you in the brown glider in your room; The Lord has made a habit of restoring me and giving me fresh peace in this place, all while you eat and drift off to sleep. 

I say often "I've never known a sweeter baby boy..." and "You are the nicest little man I have ever met." Judson, Happy Birthday.  My precious son, I love you and I am so thankful to be your mom.

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