Monday, November 26, 2012


There are countless moments that I want to etch in my brain forever.  Lately, Kiva has been the author of many of those moments.  From her using the words "actually" and "no me like (fill in the blank)..."  and "do it tike that..."  She is just so precious.  Today is a day that we will probably recount many years from now.  It's something that Jada hasn't done this is new. 

Kiva cut her own hair. 

This type of thing happens a lot with girls...but Jada is just such a safe rule follower that it just hasn't been on our scene.  Today Kiva had sticky stuff in her hair.  Kiva is independent and loves to do things by herself.  She loves it.  So...little did I know, Kiva wasn't playing with her baby dolls in the other room like I assumed...she was taking care of her sticky hair all by herself. 

The cut wasn't drastic.  In fact, she came back in the room and I didn't even notice.  But when I went into my bathroom to get ready for the day...there her long beautiful curly blonde locks lay in the trash can. 
Me: "Kiv, come here please.  What is that? (pointing to her hair)"
Kiv: "I don't know"
Me:  "Kiv, that's your hair.  How did it get there?"
Kiv: "I don't know" (with slightly more shoulder shrugs)
Me: "Kiv, your lying.  You need to tell me what really happened."
Kiv: "I don't know" (looking everywhere but at me)

This went on and on with spankings in between.  I kept reminding her that she wasn't getting spanked for cutting her hair, but because she was lying and not telling mommy what really happened.  FINALLY, she broke and told the truth.  I embraced her and she cried.  I told her how glad I was that she finally told me the truth.  I told her that she sinned against God and that after she talks to him about it that she needs to apologize to me.  She did...and it was one of the most precious moments as a mommy yet.  We were near and there was a genuineness to her hug afterwards that I wanted to breathe in. brag a little on Jada...she totally took care of Judson.  Played with him.  Carried him outside to play, blew bubbles, colored with him and was sensitive to Kiva's privacy in the moment.  Really, it was precious.  I got to talk with Jada about how proud I was of her. 

So, today...well, it was crazy and chaotic in many ways, but I think I'll remember it (at least I hope so...hence the blog!)

I dearly love these kids.  What a gift motherhood is.  What moments I daily have with these souls that hunger for truth and love learning what life is about.  Oh how I NEED the Lord and daily depend on Him to help me show them the Way.  A gift indeed. 

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