Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kiva is 5 (and a 1/2)

I have had this little blog post written in my phone notes for a long time's just taken me a little while to get it to the blog. surprise me all of the time.  You are brilliant.  Truly.  Often I start to 'teach' you something only to find out you already know it.  You are a compassionate young lady who cares for people in the details.  You think deeply and I can see it anytime I talk about the Lord or just things about life.  Anytime I Sing-a-Song you ask questions about it.   You want to know what each little thing means. And then you sing along with me only when you're ready.  I like that.
    You're a leader among your peers and among those older than you. It's not unusual for me to walk into a room with you and other children playing and you are in front of them telling them what to do :-) and they happily follow you. You look up to Jada and you enjoy her approval but you are definitely your own thinker and you do things with conviction and energy.  When you choose to do something, it's a done deal...but you are not easily swayed.
     Your precious heart has been changed and softened by the Lord as you've been 5 and although sometimes it takes some discipline to help you understand some of your actions, you respond with a tender heart loving to be drawn close and quickly saying I'm sorry. 
      You are incredible with babies. They love you and they laugh deeply as  they enjoy you... especially Kason. You were the most natural little helper with him even more natural than Jada was. You would hold him with one hand while talking with expression using your other hand. 
     You laugh heartily and you play with gusto. You and Judson are quite the pair. You love making each other laugh and you wrestle together quite hysterically.  You often say you are a 'daddy's girl' but you enjoy sitting close with me and you will still often choose me over daddy :)...all of that said, you are VERY loved by both of us!  You started piano this year and Hannah says that you are a quick learner.  
     My prayer for you is that your heart would continue to be tender to Jesus and to us.  That as you grow this year, you would be confident in truth and lead others with grace and joy.  That you would happily submit your will to God's and come more alive doing it.  I pray that God would give me wisdom on what to direct you into with your physical strength and leadership. You are beautiful in every way.  You are my precious baby girl and I love you deeply in ways that words cannot express.  I look at you and want to be a better woman.  I respect you and cannot wait to see all that God does this year in your life!

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