Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally another update...does Jada's sis have a name? How old is Jada now???

Hi friends! It has been too long since we posted and I hope to stay a little more current! So...have we come up with a name for Jada's sis? YEP...her name is

Mia Carolyn

Mia- "who is like the Lord"

Carolyn- "the free one" ....also Brian's mom's first name :)

She is growing well and I am happy in the second trimester!

Onto other news...Jada turned two last week! If you ask her, she'll tell you that her name is Jada Becka or sometimes her name is Jada MiMi...she'll tell you that she is two while she holds out five fingers, and if you ask her what her sister's name is she'll tell you in the all time sweetest voice "Mia".

We had a great time celebrating her life with friends and family last Saturday. We had an unofficial Elmo party. I was weepy about how quickly she's grown and how my heart honestly hurts thinking about how deeply I love her! She is a joy to be around and she continues to bless me every single day in new ways. She is a tender hearted little girl who is full of compassion. Jesus has been so good to us through such a sweet and fun gift in Jada. My prayer is that she would learn to trust Jesus with all of her heart and that Brian and I would be really good shepherds.

Here are some fun pics from her party...thanks for all of you who came to celebrate with us! She loved it when we sang to her :) She also loves to dress up which you can see :) I had to include two of the best photos by Elmo...Uncle Jason and her friend Sophie (who obviously is a natural in front of the camera :))


  1. oh steph, jada is just precious! what a fun looking elmo party. we are sad that we missed it. we love you guys!

  2. oh, if plane tickets were free!!! happy b-day jada. i still remember the phone call that came saying your dad and mom were on their way to the hospital to have you. i could hardly sleep! and when i saw your pic with all that dark hair when you were born! We can't wait to meet you little Mia and have more memories like these!!!