Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jada's dream come true!

Jada met Elmo! We went to the children's museum this weekend and we had "brunch with Elmo and Santa :)" Jada was truly absolutely delighted! It was hilarious to watch her totally giddy throughout the experience! Here are some photos of our time...


  1. How adorable! She's a brave little girl! I would've flipped out as a kid. :)

    Miss you!


  2. Oh boy Elmo! You can see the excitment of the moment all over her precious little face. Think of you often.

  3. "ello ja-da" - Sam

    While I was reading your post Sam ran over to greet Jada. He was so enthralled by seeing Jada, that he didn't even notice Elmo. That tells you just how much Sam loves Jada!

    We love you all!

  4. thats so cute! i think jada is brave too. toby would have been really shy seeing such a tall elmo.

    it was fun to see you guys! you both looked good :) i love you