Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our friends in Waco and a wonderful Hill Country getaway!

Two weekends ago we had a fun time with some of our good friends, The Coles and The Sepulvedas. It was so much fun to watch the children interact and to catch up. These friends are our friends that are so much like family...we've been through lots of different seasons together, and I am very glad that we had the opportunity to spend some quality time together! Here are some fun photos from our time...
Eliana Cole needed a kiss :)
I love this pic of Toby and Jada
Jada and her daddy look a bit alike :)
The children eating yummy mac & Cheese :)
The group...

This past weekend was our hill-country getaway...and we can truly say that we were refreshed and simply thankful. It was a gift in so many ways! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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