Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Glad Heart...

This week has been wonderful! First, we went to the doc and everything looks great so far. He/She is due November 12th and we go in next Tuesday for our first ultrasound. Pretty exciting. The first few days we knew we were expecting were a little bit of a roller coaster of emotions. The steady thread in my thoughts was gratefullness with lots of deep breaths choosing to trust Jesus in this process. I cannot tell you how much your encouragement and prayers mean to me and to Brian!
We have often said that our children are "community children." Our experiences with each one of our babies have been this: 1-we want a baby 2- we wait, hope, and pray 3- friends and family surround us with prayer 4- we get pregnant!

This order of things has shown us over and over that we NEED the body of Christ for our family to grow. We have experienced this in so many ways, and we actually love that we are dependant on Christ and His body to experience life in our family! So...THANK YOU for all of you that have walked with and prayed for us at different parts of our process towards more children. We fully recognize that Jada is here with us because of your faithfulness in prayer. We fully recognize that Mia was with us and we will get to know her one glorious day because of your prayers. And we fully recognize that this new baby Lee is with us now because of your prayers.

Isn't it wonderful that God hears our prayers!?!

On another note...Jada is using the big-girl potty! Yay!!! Last weekend was the first time (which happened to be while "Grammy" Brian's mom was keeping her) and then throughout the week she has been successful! We are so proud! She is really proud of herself. Yesterday she was galloping (chase'ing for all you dancers out there) and she starting singing and chanting "I'm a big girl" over and over. It was great!

And I thought I would add a pic of her sweet profile from church as she was celebrating a friend's birthday...blogs are always better with a pic :)


  1. As a dancer I am glad you explained what this "gallping" was... now could you work on the hook-n-basket next time?

  2. I love to get to hear (read, really) your heart! I hope your kiddos will always know they are loved like crazy by the whole body that Christ has surrounded them with.

    And cool! How fantastic for Jada to be making another move toward big girl status. Especially the move away from diapers! As connected to big people as Jada is, I bet it won't be long at all before she is so over diapers for good.

    (And I'm glad you like your SUV. he he.)

  3. I'm so excited for you guys about your baby news! I wanted to give you a big hug on Sunday, but didn't see you after church. Our kids will be so close in age and that makes me so joyful! Yay!!

  4. As the OCD ballet teacher that I am, I must mention that "chasse" has two "s"'s. I would be plagued with guilt if I did not, just ignore me. LOVE YOU!

  5. I literally gasped when I saw the official due date...I can't wait to share with Calvin! I am filled with joy to read how your doctor appointment went. And, Jada's potty success has brought a chasse in my step as well! Remind me to tell you Kat's potty song...I'm sure she won't mind if I share with Jada! :) Love you and can't wait to be with you again!

  6. So glad I'm on this ride of faith with you, my friend. Oh, the freedom of potty training...carry it in the back of your car or you won't experience freedom :0

  7. That is wonderful! We are definitely praying with you.