Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Houston Fun and a Baby Lee update...

Brian is on spring break...YAY! So, we took a family trip to the Houston Aquarium and Houston Zoo. Jada had a blast. We started at the Aquarium where the white tiger literally played with her. It was crazy....the tiger was looking at her and would stand up and jump on the glass just like He was ready to play. It was really sweet. And Brian and Jada touched the sting-ray...well, Jada just watched. :)

And Jada LOVED the carousel! She rode every animal possible. It was so sweet...she couldn't get enough!

Then we headed to Mike's work just 6 blocks away to have lunch. It was so much fun to see where he works and for Jada to have her PaPa's attention in the middle of the day :) I think Mike was pretty proud to show her off and the food was great too!

After that we finished up at the Aquarium and then headed to the zoo. We were convinced that the Waco zoo is far better and more fun...so Toby and Elli will be getting more visits to the Waco zoo soon :)

And for the update...we went in for the first ultrasound and everything looks great! We will go back in two weeks. So, THANK YOU for your prayers and love. We are so grateful to be expecting another little Lee!


  1. the aquarium sounds fun. jada had some really cute and big smiles in those pictures! and of course we are glad that the waco zoo is better, hee hee.

    we are happy, excited and still praying for you and baby!

    and i'll try to take some pics of my crazy hair to show you :)

  2. Steph, I'm always a bit slow in checking blogs... SUCH GREAT NEWS!! My heart is filled with emotion! I think of you and pray for you often! love,