Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Translation anyone...and brave girl!

Check out our brave girl.  The mall has this cool bungee chord jumpy thing set up and you only have to be 20lbs to do it!  She LOVED IT!  She was bouncing super high and the lady that was running it even flipped her.  All of this was accompanied by squeels of delight!  

Something happened today...and here's Jada's version...if you think you may have the real story let me know...let's see who get's it close :) 
"We were walking and then barbeque sauce fell from the ceiling onto Mommy's arm.  Mommy said "sick" and then Ms. Steph washed it off." 
Translation anyone?


  1. A bird pooped on you? That's all I've got. :)

  2. please tell me that it wasn't a bird...sick,sick,sick

  3. BBQ Sauce?!!! LOL. You guys must be grilling out a lot this summer. :) i vote bird poo.