Thursday, June 4, 2009

lots of fun around here! prepared for lots of squinty eyed cheezy smiles :)

I wanted to post some photos from the past two weeks of fun around here: we went to the Waco zoo again and met the Cole's there, Jada has a new elephant pool that she is addicted to, we are filling in our big pool and will actually have a backyard!, cousin Madyson came to play, Jada went golfing for the first time with her Daddy, we met some sweet friends for some fun at a neighborhood pool, a fun time picking on some good friends of ours and that was just in the past week and a half! So here goes...
Jada burying Toby in the rubber stuff at the zoo
I realize that this isnt the best pic...but how cute are these little people? Toby is seriously such a cute boy!
From left to right: Sarah Brown (our roomie and Jada's new bestie), Jada, Eli Cole, & Steph Cole

Jada's new elephant pool...yep, it is in our front yard since our backyard is being redone!
Jada pouring water on cousing Madyson's head :)...I love Madyon's expression in this pic!
Jada and Brian's first golf trip, along with Brian's good friend and co-worker Vinnie. FYI- Jada has turned into a daddy's girl over the past few weeks. She was brushing her teeth the other day, stopped, looked in the mirror and said to herself "I love my daddy" :)

Jada with the Fogles and Whites at the fun neighborhood pool for our lunch break
And last, but definitely not least: two of our good friend, Jared and Chester showed up at our small group matching last night. They have become roomies over the past few weeks and have decided to start matching their daily outfits (including shoes)...aren't they cute??


  1. where did you get the elephant pool? and how much? :)

  2. Hi Steph! Ashley told me about your blog so I had to check it out! So cute! I love all the pics. I think the name Kiva is perfect! We need to get together and catch up!