Tuesday, April 6, 2010

get ready...

...for lots of photos!!! But before that, how sweet is Brian?! I really cannot say how humbling it was for me to read his words...so thanks Brian! It was truly a very sweet and memorable birthday for me!
And here goes...

Grammy brought Kiva an Easter hat :) How fun is she?
their first matching outfits!!!
and in their matching outfits with the staple falling hug!
I totally liked this photo because of Jada's face! This is one of many sass 3 year old looks...
precious little Jada hands painting with Madyson on easter
Toby and Elli came to visit along with their mom, Steph, last week...this was popcorn and team umizoomi time. We had so much fun with them on their short visit!
another precious painting pic
Grammy with Kiva
easter egg hunt in the front yard with Madyson
we used bags instead of a basket so that the eggs didn't fall out as the hunt was going on :)
cutie girls
umm...is this ok? Jada thinks it is fun to get into Kiva's exersaucer
how fun is this with MiMi and PaPa?!sweet Madyson and Dawnand seriously how sweet is this?


  1. great pictures! i love the girls white easter outfits. you really have a beautiful family!

    it was great to see you! we love you all so much!

  2. The pic of Jada painting, you could totally sell to a kids magazine! It is like front cover material -- seriously! :) Love you!!! - shell

  3. Precious girls. I can't believe how BIG Kiva has gotten already. Love you!