Friday, December 10, 2010

Glad Days...

There has been a ton going on in our all of you! So I thought I would do a quick picture update...some with our not so good camera...but whatever :)

The cutie sisters by the tree!
Kiva cracks us up throughout the day...seriously, the girl is funny!
Jada had her first trip to the is the same dentist that I used to work for (way back!) She did great! Her teeth look good too :) whew!
Jada's school group (aka: some of our friends) went to Lights of Texas at Camp was incredible!!! Hay rides, a light show, bouncy things to play on, kettle corn, hot chocolate...etc.
Jada and her friends played on the bouncy things with no was so fun! I had to include her friend Ainsley in this b/c seriously, look at the joy on these girls' faces!
I got to take some pics of my favorite twins...Blaine and Suzanna! They are getting way to old! I had a blast with them...even though they are getting closer and closer to my height. I used to baby-sit them when the were 2 1/2 and got to be with them a lot for the years to follow. I am so thankful they are still a part of our lives!
Jada is a super detailed girl and she got a new puzzle of the US states and did it all by herself...way to go Jada!
More later...have a great weekend!

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