Thursday, December 30, 2010

why can't Christmas last longer??

SERIOUSLY...I was thinking last night how much I love Christmas and I wish we could leave the Christmas tree and decorations up until the end of January. I love that our "world" as we know it takes a break. Brian gets to be home and there are no regular responsibilities or meetings. Cooking is more fun and giving gifts really great too! I love that Brian has more than 2 weeks off of work...we are spoiled with him home (especially during this first trimester sleepiness :)!
So in attempt to catch up over this month, here is a long photo update for you! To start things off, we hired someone for a low price to paint our living room and Jada's room...which turned out to be somewhat of a disaster with paint on the ceiling, furniture and carpet. SOO...our truly amazing friends came to the rescue! A group of 11 people came over from 5-midnight (and some stayed even longer). It was truly an act of love on their part and the Lord reminded me in those moments of how blessed we are in the community that we live in! Five years ago when we bought our home we painted every room with the help of the house church that we were a part of. Now the Lord has given us Then and now our home is not our is truly a gift to us through people that we love. So grateful!
Jada surprised Uncle Jason with a visit to their house in Spring! On the drive she said "my dream finally came true...I get to go to Uncle Jason and Aunt Shannon's house!" So sweet. It was super fun. Aunt Shannon bought a ginger bread house for Jason and Jada to make was fun...and we all realized it was our first official gingerbread house to decorate!Afterwards they took us to lunch and then to main event to play some games.
And then we went to a wedding in the Woodlands with some friends. Our neighbors and great friends Jared and Risa were there which was the highlight for Jada!
Kiva is changing so much. She is so great! Brian and I say that every day... we really say "Kiva is so great." In every way she is so much fun, easy going, stubborn, joyful, and she is a really fast walker! She had a pretty rough cold this week. She was an absolute joy in the midst of being sick! She is so so stubborn with her pink meds though! It is a team effort to get the stuff down her throat :) Oh Kiv!And then Jada sang in her first Christmas pageant/show! She did great...this is her waving at PaPa. She exited the stage a little early in her excitement to jump in PaPa's lap!The Breed Family (their family of 5) stayed with us for 5 days. They were in from North Carolina. It was crazy but great. They are so important to us and we are super grateful to have seen them twice this year!

Christmas eve we spent the day celebrating my brother Jason's birthday! It was a super fun party planned by Aunt Shannon here in Bryan College Station. It was super fun and very yummy! Then we spent the night at MiMi and PaPa's and celebrated Christmas the next day. And we just returned from New Braunfels visiting Brian's family. We had a relaxing time and we took some pics...just not with my camera :(...if/when I get some of those I will show ya! For now we are home and enjoying the rest of the holidays!

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