Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loving my girls...I am speaking this weekend and dancing as a part of the Lee home!

I will start with my precious daughters...Jada and Kiva. They are fabulous. I love the ways the interact. Jada has a little mama heart for sure and Kiva is loud...she communicates much louder than Jada did. We like it (most the time :). She loves sitting in my lap in the midst of playing and getting a little snuggle time...then off to play again. She will come over to me and put her forehead on mine and make our noses touch and then lean back, look at me and walk away to play again. And for Jada...she is so much fun too. A conversation I had with Jada today:
  • Jada- "Mommy, when I get bigger, can I be on a stage?"
  • Me- "If Jesus wants you to be on stage, sure!"
  • Pause
  • Me- "What would you want to do on stage?"
  • Jada- "Whatever Jesus wants me to do."
  • Me- tears and smiles
Dancing is truly going strong in our lives around here. Talitha...loving it. Jada's dance and all of her dancing around our house...loving it. AND something really fun...I am getting to choreograph for the dancers that are going to New York from the studio where I used to teach. And not only that...but Brian, Jada and I are heading to New York with them in April! Jada's first flight and Brian's first time in NYC! We are excited for Jada to see such a different culture and the ministry "Project Dance" that we will get to serve with!

And lastly...this weekend I am getting to speak at a night called "Sweet Abandonment." Sweet Aunt Ashley (Ashley B.) will be leading worship before and after I speak. I would LOVE your prayers. For her leadership, for my words and sensitivity to the Spirit, the girls/women that come to be drawn near to Christ and willing to trust Him wherever they are. We will be in New Braunfels at 7:00. So...will you pray with us?

Love to you and I hope you enjoy this weather (if you are in Texas) and the scenery (if anywhere else!) :)

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  1. so cool that you guys get to join the girls to new york for project dance, im sure they will be super blessed by your gifts! :)