Friday, January 28, 2011

the most precious sounds...

As I am typing, Brian is putting Jada down for bed. He plays the guitar for her every night. She loves music. She loves playing her guitar, singing and now writing her own songs. Mostly about rainbows, heaven and ladybugs. Tonight, like other nights, Brian will sing the simple song "God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He's so good to me." And then they will make up their own words from there. Moments ago I heard this song begin in it's normal state, then a pause, then "He takes care of the animals, He takes care of the animals..." Pause...Then, "God is really great, God is really great, ...." Then on to another song. I really hope sounds like this are burned into my memory forever. They are just so precious. Not to mention that I am just so grateful that the girls have a really really great daddy. And I hope these moments are burned into Jada and Kiva's memories forever too!

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  1. On a Monday morning when at times I'm not so sure about the work week and want to go back to the weekend, this brings a much needed smile to my heart! Oh how wonderful this is!!