Thursday, October 30, 2008

secret candy drawer...

With all of the serious blogging lately, I thought I would include some fun moments over the past week.

Uncle Jason is one of Jada's new favorite people!
Pinky...the balloon that is bigger than Jada from Aunt Shannon.
We went to a fall festival at the park with some friends..Jada didn't want to actually get into the bouncy castle where the kids were jumping into eachother and falling over (a little to rough for our soft-hearted girl) she bounced on the outside in the safe arms of her daddy.
Some of Jada's closest friends :)
"Carolina- Ethan- Cruz" or in Jada's version "Catonina- Etin- Cwuz"

These are two things that I am thankful for today:
  1. Jada's version of the ABC's that floats in and out of what I know as English, but she carries a great tune.
  2. my secret...or not so secret candy is just secret because Jada doesn't know about it...YET!


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  2. Sweet Jada! You have one of those secret candy places too?!?!? ;)

  3. I bet there are peanut M&M's in that secret candy drawer!!!

  4. How Sweet! She is just so gorgeous! I love secret candy stashes! :)

    Thanks for the blessing on my endeavors. I just know that God has called me to minister to women in that way. I am trusting him to take me where he wants me.

    Lots of love and prayer, Dani

  5. The last pic is my fav! Thats what me and my staff look like sometimes when people are explaining things to us!

  6. So sweet! Jada is getting to be such a big girl. Tell her it's ok...Piper likes to take the safe route too...on the outside of the big blow up jumpers.