Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I think in blog...

Lately I have found myself throughout the day thinking of blog titles for what I do...For example:
  • Seriously, We're this gross?
  • Out-prayed by an eight year old
  • Goodbye Pool Hole!
  • Ode to the Belly.
  • Really, are three's harder than two's, anyone?
  • I LOVE TALITHA...and other musings of a thirty something dancer...
  • Singin' in the Rain and Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • The Swoop
  • Back to Back Whammies!
  • Grace upon Grace
Intrigued? So, here's what we've been up to:

  • Seriously, We're this gross?- Scrubbing our bathroom in detail yesterday preparing for some Ugandan guests and totally weirded out by how fast our bathroom gets filthy. YUCK! But it feels nice to have a super fresh tub, shower, mirrors, counters, sinks and potty!
  • Out-prayed by an eight year old- like I was saying, our Ugandan guests...well, we are currently hosting two Ugandan little girls (11 and 8) along with their chaperone. They are a part of a choir and dance group performing tonight. These girls are precious!! Seriously way fun with Jada and Kiva (more details to come with pics)...but last night the girls led a devo time of singing, prayer and some scripture reading/exhortation. Ummm...I wept! Their prayers were simply beautiful for their families back home, us, and the lost...I want to pray like them, really! And look how beautiful they are?! We really like them so much. Anitah and Jackline are their names and we three decided tonight that they will live with us for 5 months instead of leaving Thursday...they are so fabulous!
  • Goodbye Pool Hole!- Yep, that's right! Our back yard is officially torn up and ready to receive the mounds/piles/loads of dirt that is waiting in our driveway. The only problem is that the ground is too soft for the tractors to take the dirt to our backyard...so the wait continues. And I am convinced that if we had a son, the dirt piles would be like Disney Land, but instead Jada looks at it from a distance and then walks away in her princess shoes holding her baby :)
  • Ode to the Belly.- Kiva has the all time greatest belly! She has happily surpassed her peers in weight and roundness...she is dense...healthy...and so so fun. Her cheeks rest sweetly on her chest most of the time and she is absolutely squeezable!
  • Really, are three's harder than two's, anyone?- And Jada has been tough...so opinionated and stubborn and it feels like an 'all if the sudden' type thing...and so we have heard more parents say that 3 was much tougher than 2...and we have to agree.
  • I LOVE TALITHA...and other musings of a thirty something dancer...- I have had the absolute privilege of leading a group of 14 really really great dancers as we prepare for a conference called Masterpiece. Some of you may remember that the group of dancers is called Talitha which means daughter. Well, I have absolutely fallen in love with these girls! I love them b/c they are humble beautiful worshipers who are crazily talented and offer every bit of themselves at each rehearsal. They inspire me...each one of them. They each have a uniqueness about who they are and the ways they dance that I learn from and I have been deeply ministered to through them And I am having a blast dancing with them! They are super gracious to me and I am so glad that God has given me the chance to dance for Him after kiddos and an older body...I really do feel like Jesus wrapped up this gift of Talitha and placed it in my lap with a smile! The conference is in two weeks so please pray! For more info go to http://www.butterflyblog.net/Masterpiece/Home.html
  • Singin' in the Rain and Somewhere Over the Rainbow- I started teaching Jada and her friends their first recital dances!!! Their tap is to "singin' in the rain" and they are dancing with cute little umbrellas! They are SO cute. And their ballet is to "somewhere over the rainbow" and the mommies are dancing with them...precious! You can pray that we all don't just bawl our eyes out at recital holding their sweet little hands while we twirl them and skip...I am tearing up typing this!!!
  • The Swoop- I am swooping my bangs again. The straight bangs were fun while it lasted, but I had to use a straightener way too much!
  • Back to Back Whammies!- Oh my, Jada had two different viruses back to back! We had one day off in two weeks. It was tough...glad that's over!
  • Grace upon Grace- The beloved Smithers came to visit a couple weeks back and when they leave I am always left wondering why/how we got such a great gig with them in our lives! Wisdom just falls off of them and sheds light and understanding in our lives. Brian and I are convinced that our walks with the Lord would be so short sighted and limited if it weren't for their influence. They make us better...and we love them so much! Oh, and Lucretia got her cute nose pierced while she was here!!!! It really looks great and we had way too much fun with the whole experience! Some sweet nuggets from Lucretia to end this blog post... sung to Jesus:
    You Listen-
    You know just what to say-
    You always understand-
    You hold me everyday-
    You bend down low and
    lift me up-
    You give support and lead-
    You celebrate my life out loud
    then whisper Your love to me-
    I worship You
    I cling to You
    I need only You
    You are my King
    You are my King


  1. the way that Lucretia's words fell out when you typed them kind of looks like a cross. I LOVE THE SONG! Do we have music to this? :)i love you!!!!!! k

  2. your life sounds waaay exciting =)
    the little dancers...awesome!
    dancing with Jada...you'll cry. i did with julia...twice.
    and the song by Lucretia...beautiful

  3. oh, and i want a family pic like that. yall are gorgeous!

  4. I love reading about your family and all you are up to. I thought my life was busy but I think you take the prize! You have such a big heart - you are always leading and helping others.....Such an inspiration! I hope that things get easier with Jada.....how will I ever survive three
    three-year olds?

  5. i miss you friend. and we agree 3's are definitely harder than the 2's. oh my wade... he is an adorable mess most of the time, but oh so difficult. and then there is paige, she isn't exactly easy and she is only 17months. but let me tell you, 5, is a great age!

    i can't imagine the blog titles i could come up with to describe our lives lately.

  6. Steph, I love these titles! I love that you think in blog :) Love you my friend! I am so thankful that I get to live out these things of life with you! And this is Sarah Brown in case you weren't sure what "sarah" it is :)