Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the Art of Play

A wise woman once told me that there is an art to playing and that there are some people that never learn how. WHAT? I thought that everyone knew how to play. I think part of my mis-understanding is that we are surrounded by SO SO many people that are just plain good at playing. Other parents, college students, newly married folks, many adults...they know how to join in with pretend play and engage children in really fun ways. I think about this 'art' almost every day. I want to be good at playing with the girls. Good at jumping into their world and talking with them about all sorts of things and for sure pretending to be "Princess Mommy Belle" at various times throughout the day. I enjoy being with them...though exhausting at times...I really really love that I get to be a mom. I want to do it well.

And so it begins here in the Lee Home...we are beginning a journey of schooling that requires a lot from me...playing, planning, teaching and flexing. Yep...we are starting to home school Jada this year as a part of a school called "Classical Conversations". We think that homeschooling is the only way that Christians should educate their children....KIDDING. Seriously, there seems to be so so many strong opinions about schooling in many circles. We really think that there is absolutely no right or wrong way. I think Jesus knows our kids so well and knows what they need...and we, as their parents, get to seek God's direction for them. We really just feel peaceful that this is the route for us, so here we go! We will continue to re-evaluate as the girls grow up and hold our hands open to the Holy Spirit's direction. Many people in our community are a part of "Classical Conversations" and it is exciting to think about our children growing up together in this way. At Jada's age, almost 4, the year's goals are writing, reading and calculus. Kidding about the calculus. So far we have begun the "Handwriting Without Tears" part of her learning. These are some pics from her first time with the wood pieces...she is like a little sponge, I love watching her little mind work wonders as she creates. I showed her how to create her name with the wooden pieces and she is a pro at that already. So fun. And of course she created a little person named Kiva too.

As we move forward in our home schooling ventures, I will keep you updated. She begins tomorrow with her class that is once a week. It should be fun. My friend, Amy, is the director of the school and has done a fabulous job getting it started...and it is fun to get Jada started in the school's beginning. Here is Jada at the orientation day.How is Kiva? Well, she is quite the bruiser lately. She has been pulling up...and what goes up must come down...which has left her with many little marks on her sweet little body to prove it. But how precious is this little proud girl?


  1. I just love you...thank you for sharing your heart and life in this way. Reading your on-line journal always makes my heart smile, and the Lord is faithful to bring it to me just when I need to view it. You are all ready a teacher...to so many of us...you will be just what Jada needs.

  2. It is great to hear you are doing Classical Conversations. My daughter, Lauren, just turned 4 in July and we are starting it. She had the first day of class yesterday and it was great! I think it will be a good school year. I've been looking for other friends going down this road, too, so I am glad to read your blog:)

  3. Steph! I'm super excited that the Lord is calling you guys to this, you will be perfectly suited as God always equips when He calls! Sounds like a great program too. Know I am praying for you as you! There will be wonderful blessings & challenges along the way so I will pray for the Lords wisdom to always be over you. We do Handwriting W/Out Tears too, it is an awesome program & Logan is a GREAT reader b/c of it's solid & fun foundation!! Love & hugs sweet friend!