Friday, August 20, 2010

I really really enjoy these people!

I have stopped everything. Well, what I mean is I have been intentionally staying home with the girls and just enjoying them without anyone else. It has been needed. It is like I have stopped spinning and my feet have landed! So, I have been able to really enjoy the girls without something that I "have" to get ready for or somewhere to go. And wow, I just really really like my girls! They are both so fun! There have been so many sweet moments in the past few days...they are really interacting sweetly together (of course with some training moments throughout our days:). Jada really serves Kiva in some sweet sister ways and Kiva absolutely LOVES her big sis. They are fun to watch together. Here is a scene that has happened a few times...
  • Jada is laying down reading or playing something
  • Kiva crawls over to Jada
  • She crawls right over to Jada's face and then releases herself to her tummy
  • ....they butt heads!
  • Jada cries as though she has been seriously wounded
  • Kiva smiles...and even chuckles.
Oh my...these girls are so funny and oh so different. I really love how different they already are. They are both teaching me a lot about myself.

Anyway, the light was coming in Kiva's window beautifully today and I caught some super fun pics of her.

a little blurry but I loved Jada's sweet face in this one...she enjoys Kiva so much!
And as promised...some photos from our fun with all sorts of people. Unfortunately I got behind on our blog so I am not going to write about all that we were able to experience during out time with our family and friends...but here are some photos! We will start with some fun one's from the Lee's

Some Grammy love :)

that's right folks...THE Big Red Car from the Wiggles!
They went to Fiesta Texas and Jada had a blast!
Jada and Cousin Madyson The Burdettes Kiddos during snack time
The Breed Kiddos and ours! What a crew!

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  1. Love it!!! I was so hoping you took some pictures of Kiva in that shirt! My wish came true! Gosh Steph..those are some beautiful girls! Could just eat them up!