Thursday, September 30, 2010

a bit of an update...& prepare for girlie-ness

just some fun with a favorite days are stay at home days!
Look at that sweet Kiva-Bear face!
and a puppet show with a barking puppy!
good times at Jada's school roller skating booth pics!!

jada's first attempt at fun!

as promised...jada's party pics. It was a sweet small group of girls that Jada dances and goes to school with, and of course cousin Madyson. Kat Phinney, a precious friend of ours, dressed in her butterfly dance costume from last year and made an appearance as "queen butterfly"...seriously, it was so sweet. I was teary watching the scene. She gave them butterfly wings, fluttered around and showed them how to fly, taught them a precious little song about how only God in heaven can make a butterfly and then had to go back to her castle. One of the funniest things was that Kat went inside, got dressed in normal clothes, came back to the party and the girls didn't recognize her :) Isn't a 4 year old imagination wonderful?

and Aunt Shannon was a 4 year old birthday party super star! She made these incredible cupcakes..seriously, she made them and created them and designed them and they were not only beautiful, but they were super yummy! And during the party she painted all of the little butterflies' faces (and MiMi's of course!) It was too fun.
it was pretty hot...can you tell?and Mazie (MiMi and PaPa's dog) even made an appearance at the butterfly party
Brian's Mom gave him an ice cream maker and so we all had home-made ice cream after the party was over! Needless to say, Kiva loved it :)
Kiva noticing Jada has some ice cream left...
and Jada was so nice to share...a HUGE mouthful!
dance started for Jada and I am not teaching this year (just subbing when needed :)) and Aunt Suzanne gets to be her teacher. Jada loves it!

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