Thursday, September 30, 2010

com-group family fun and a super-hero!

We had a com-group family fun night last night. It was super fun. Decorating pumpkins, football, dress up, pizza, worship that included Jada and Sophie dancing beautifully, 3 games of settlers and some sweet time on the porch over green tea and tiki torches :) Good times.

and a couple of weeks ago we had a visitor...a mouse! A terrible-yucky-horrible mouse. Sparing you the very long story of how these pics came to be..."Uncle Will" was a hero and cleaned out the fireplace of all sorts of ashy gross stuff which inevitably led to the mouse's departure! These pics were taken around midnight...while Aubrey and I sat with our feet up on the chairs squeeling. He deserved way more than a blog "shout out" for this super-hero like action. Thanks, Will!


  1. o my! this will forever be a memory... cleaning out that fireplace! how about we use it this winter?

    maybe that will clear out some of the visitors? we will want the puppies inside, just in case they want to prove themselves useful. : )

  2. look at your fantastic back yard, with a neat dog run for the pups!!! yeah! i bet Brian is able to relax a little more every time he thinks about it.

  3. It was nice to sit with you and yours at the football game! Hopefully more to come, I know my Grace enjoyed the company of your girls.

  4. oh the girls are getting so big!! I love 4-years-old!!! One of my fav ages =)