Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chicks & Easter!

Warning...this post will be phone and point-n-shoot picture intensive...hope you enjoy :)

Our friends, the Jones', have chickens now. And of course we had to go see the new chicks that have been newly introduced into their family! Jada LOVED them and Kiva was a little concerned and then played with toys.
Easter was a full day! The small group of people that we have enjoyed living life with met first thing in the morning at a park for breakfast and worship...and also a little play time.Kellie and the girls playing in the rocksI just love the bloomers poking out :)a brief easter egg hunt around the fieldIt was an old park that had a merry-go-round that was super fast...the kids didn't ever play on it, just the adults! There was a lot of spinning fun with Bernie, Kellie, Chester, Josh and Merinda all had some serious dizzy moments.then we went to mimi and papas!after a brief easter egg hunt in their backyard,
instead of Easter baskets, they were surprised with a fun pool!then off to church in matching dressesWe got to celebrate Merinda's birthday by surprising her at Messina Hoff...we took Kiva on a little day date :)Kiva eating with her left hand :) So precious!Some Aunt Ashley love
Taken from Aunt Ashley's phone...Kiv striking a pose in her swim suit!

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