Thursday, May 5, 2011

What did Kiva do while we were in NYC?

It has been a the first blog post of the evening is the update on what Kiva did while we were in NYC! Most of these were taken with a phone and sent to me so I could stay current on what our sweet Kiva bear was up to!

Back-story- The Thursday before we left my mom, "Mi-Mi," hurt her knee badly AGAIN! I felt SO bad for her. And the prognosis was another surgery :( She was a trooper and tackled it again...however, much to my mom's dismay, Kiva's vacation to MiMi and PaPa's house was canceled until further notice! Sooooo...I asked Kiva if she wanted to go to NYC with us, and she looked at me and shook her head NO!

Well, next option...send out an email to the girls/aunts in Kiva's life and see if we could piece together some time slots for them to care for Kiva in our absence. A nervous and protective mom takes a deep breath and says a quick prayer for mercy. Press send on the email. 30 seconds passes and my phone rings. It was Aunt Aubrey with a simple statement "This morning when I woke up, I don't know if I was dreaming or if it was just something that the Lord spoke to me, but I think I am going to watch Kiva next week while you are in NYC!"...WHAT??? Seriously? Lord, THANK YOU! I listened to Aubrey with tears of gratitude. So...while we were in NYC, Aunt Aubrey & Uncle Will got to practice being parents :)

And Kiva had a BLAST! Seriously, she loved all of the attention and love... and was completely satisfied and content the entire time! Aub was amazing. Pause: I just want to say that nothing is more precious to me on this earth than Brian and my girls...and there was no hesitation in my heart about how Aubrey and Will would love, shepherd and tend to Kiva in ways that far exceed any friend...throughout the years Aub and Will have been family to us in so many ways, and this was just another way that the Lord provided and gave extravagantly through the Agnors. Oh how I love them!

At the end of our trip, MiMi was feeling up to watching Kiva for a couple of Kiva ended up getting her MiMi and PaPa fix too :) She is well LOVED by them (of course) and though Kiva was happy to see us, she didn't seem too concerned about when we would return! So, here goes the picture journal of Kiva's time...
i took this before we left...proof of her left-handedness!!
And I looked at these pics in my camera while we were in NYC when I needed a Kiva-bear fix!

Goodmorning from a happy Kiva
bathtime fun
an adoring Aunt Aubrey!my favorite one by far...this was sent with a message "is this cheating?" Aunt Aubrey, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Will took Kiva to Chuck-E-Cheese of course!

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  1. What a blessing! I can't tell you how much I have smiled and been blessed reading your recent posts. I love seeing how God took care of Kiva and provided you with amazing, Godly friends (who are like family) to help when needed, no questions asked! Love it! I also love that it appears she is going to be left-handed...well, i'm a little biased because I'm left-handed! haha!

    Have a wonderful and blessed day, Steph!

    Oh, I meant to message you a while back but I'm pretty sure when I was in Bryan/CS for my bridal pics we ran into you finishing up with a precious family. You helped me give our photographer ideas on where to scope things out before my mom, sister, and I arrived for my bridal shoot that day, so a big Thank You!

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend, especially on Sunday for Mother's Day!