Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pedicures, almost a mother's day gift and Feathers!

Jada had a goal...starting last summer.
If she went 7 days with NO fits, she could get a pedicure!
SHE DID IT!so of course she chose purple nail polish with flowersshe asked lots of sweet questions and was so excited the whole time
and Jada and I got feathers in our hair! More/close up pics to come on that.And for mother's day this year, I was hoping to use a new photo back drop to capture some beautiful moments of the girls and then print them on something extravagant for MiMi and Grammy. was a great intention...but the girls were being WAY to silly and not too interested...
for example...can you please stand closer together? Hug? please?
ok, or chase eachother...

We thought this one was sweet...
Jada, can you scoot closer to Kiva...Kiva, smile, Kiva, smile!
or there's that face, Kiv...Jada, a real smile please?
Peek-a-boo? Kiva...where's your pretty smile?? needed to stretch? ok!? Show off those legs :)
I LOVE this precious Kiva face
And this one...serously, so cute.
And the fabulous photos...just some fun memories!
(MiMi and Grammy...I wills end you some prints for fun!)


  1. feathers in your hair?? sounds interesting...

    and your girlies are sooo cute!

  2. I love how you captioned the pictures! I got a good laugh. I've SO been there.