Monday, May 11, 2009

the little things...

Today was one of those hang out with Jada days that is just so nice and simple. I was thinking about how some of the little things are the here are a few little things that I love when Jada and I hang out:
  • she loves to color,paint,marker or play play-doh and she always wants to give her creations away...for example: "This one's for MiMi"

  • lately (as if you can't tell through photos) jada likes to say "cheese" and perform this crazy squinty smile. I love it. She laughs at herself everytime she does it...example from today :)

  • she loves to sing and will make up her own songs all of the time. Today it was to the tune "the wheels on the bus" and she was singing "the daddy on the bus says 'tickle-tickle-tickle' all through the town."

  • she still likes elmo a lot...we don't really watch him anymore, but she likes him a lot. Her favorite towel is her Elmo towel and she used to streak through the house running with it hanging on her head like a cape after e/bath. Here is a non-streaking photo of jada-elmo.

  • she really likes her set of princess shoes and thinks that they need to match her outfit...she also likes my zebra slippers that Aunt Dawn and Sue got me for christmas...she thinks those are mommies princess shoes. :) You know you love them .....

  • this is a very short list of fun things...but thought it would be fun to write!


  1. so sweet steph! i really like that smile of hers. :)

  2. I love Jada! More than Jen Borden loves cheese :)

  3. this morning elliana and i were talking about what friends would be at the Y today. after i named a few possibilities she said, "and jada be there!, she with her mommy."

    we love jada!

  4. i hope elli smiles like that! love it!!! k

  5. how sweet, Cruz does the same thing with the towel on his head after bath time.