Sunday, May 10, 2009

unique day and looking ahead

Mother's day 2008: We found out we were pregnant with Mia
Mother's day 2009: Missing Mia and wishing so much that I was holding my 4 month old baby girl today. Really happy about hanging with Jada and super grateful to be a mommy!

I spent some time out at Mia's grave today with lots of tears and lots of prayer. I love her and truly hate that she is not with us now. It was a good time of crying out to God for our babies to come and asking that He gives and does not take them away. I asked Him that in 60+ years that the rest of our kids would be burying us and not the other way around ever again.

I was really glad to think about this new baby Lee's purposes and call for his/her life. We wouldn't have been able to get pregnant with this baby if we had Mia...and I am convinced that God has really sovereign reasons for the timing that He does all things... so it will be really fun to see God's call and purposes for this sweet baby Lee as he/she grows and lives.

So...Yay for babies and for Jesus' love for all of them and for us...I am uniquely grateful today.
Also, Jada is SO fun. This week she woke up asking for her butterfly wings so she could start dancing around the house. She is quite the little dancer and of course she sings while I love that :). Also, she has a new favorite hair style...her Princess Leah Pigtails. She is quite the little girl and I love her!!!


  1. Steph,
    I listen to KSBJ while at work as it always centers me when needed. Mery Me's song, "I Can Only Imagine" just finished playing. This song brought such a great memory back to mind...Phi Lamb pledge retreat Fall 2001. I had just transferred to A&M and was pledging. This song was played as we prayed about God refining us and we all received silver bracelets. It also just reminded me of my sister, Amber Nicole, whom I have never met. If it weren't for God taking her home before entering this world, I would not have my sister, Lauren who is not 21(!), or my brother, Daniel who is 19(!). Both are at A&M! I am still single and not a mother so I can't understand what my mom went through or what you have gone through, but I can say that God has a plan more amazing than ours. As much as I think about my sister sometimes...what she would be like (should would have been 2 years younger than me), what she would be doing, all I have to do is look at Lauren and Daniel and realize that she is in heaven smiling down as 2 lives were born for her one that was taken. I'm getting teary-eyed as I write this, but I have comfort in knowing that one day I will meet my sweet sister. I know God has amazing things in store for Baby girl/boy Lee and any future children God blesses you and Brian with.

    May you, Brian, and cute Miss Jada have a wonderful and blessed Monday!

  2. Steph,
    Jada is a doll! She is a beautiful combination of the two of you. You must be so proud! I love looking at your pictures. You are a great photographer!